Sea Lion Pups Reportedly Harassed to Death in La Jolla, California!

According to representatives from the California Coastal Commission, the harassment and abuse of sea lions at Point La Jolla and Boomer Beach has gotten out of control. For years, sea lions and their pups have faced ongoing interference by humans who get right in their faces, take selfies, and even stand on top of them! Countless animals have been injured, and frightened mothers have abandoned their young because of this abuse. Last summer, a large group of people was reportedly spotted pushing a yearling sea lion against the rocks on the beach and poking and prodding her. She was reportedly found dead the next day.

The city of San Diego is currently accepting public comments regarding the management of Point La Jolla, and the sea lions desperately need you to speak up for them. Please take a moment to fill out the public survey and urge the city to improve security and close the sea lion rookery during pupping season. Personalized comments work best, but feel free to draw from the suggested responses below.


How do you use the Point La Jolla area?

I like to view the sea lions in their natural habitat.

What type of physical improvements/enhancements would you like to see made to the Point La Jolla area?

Close the rookery (including Boomer Beach, where sea lions give birth and nurse their young) during pupping season, from May 1 to October 31, and prohibit humans from bringing dogs to the rookery year-round.

Post rangers year-round with the authority to enforce regulations that keep humans at safe distances from the sea lions.

Install a gate at the top of the access stairs that can be locked at night to discourage nighttime public entry, and install a railing along the wall from the access stairs to the belvedere to discourage visitors from climbing into the area.

Do you support a seasonal closure of the Point La Jolla area?


If you support a seasonal closure, please share why.

Closure of the area is in line with regulations at other rookeries where pinnipeds give birth and is the only way to prevent the harassment, abuse, and deaths of sea lions and their pups. Closure will also reduce the serious erosion that results from human foot traffic on the bluffs. 

Please share additional comments or recommendations you have.

The rookery comprises only 150 yards of nonswimmable shoreline out of 7 miles of La Jolla coastline, and the opportunity to view these animals from the wall is an attraction in itself. There’s no reason why additional steps cannot be taken to protect vulnerable sea lions and their pups.

After you’ve submitted your survey answers, please forward this page to all your contacts. Thank you for speaking up for sea lions!

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