Spring River Zoo’s Empty Promises Leave Animals to Suffer, but You Can Help!

Speak up today and urge Spring River Zoo to close its concrete pits and cramped cages and allow the animals to be transferred to reputable facilities.

Ask Travelzoo and H-E-B to Leave SeaWorld Cruelty Behind!

Please take a moment to send a polite message letting these companies know that until they stop supporting SeaWorld, you won’t support them.

Ask Photographers to Stop Exploiting Wildlife for Bogus Photo Ops

This disgraced animal exhibitor illegally exploits animals for bogus photo shoots.

Tell Brian Franzen to Stop Forcing Animals to Perform in Circuses!

Please ask Franzen to stop forcing animals to perform and to send them to reputable sanctuaries instead.

VICTORY! Horse Trainer Amber Cobb Has Her License Revoked

Victory! After hearing from PETA and thousands of our supporters, the Delaware Thoroughbred Racing Commission has revoked Amber Cobb’s owner/trainer license.

Horses Are Suffering in NYC: Help End the Carriage Trade Now

Urge New York City Council Speaker Adrienne Adams to lead the council to ban horse-drawn carriages without delay by passing Ryder’s Law (Intro 573), which would replace the horses with electric carriages.

Urge ‘Scales and Tails Utah’ to Send Alligators and All Other Animals to Reputable Facilities!

A group of 5-year-olds watched in horror as an alligator lunged and clamped down on a trainer’s hand.

Urge the International Olympic Committee to Ban All Equestrian Events

Call on the International Olympic Committee to remove all equestrian events immediately. Leave the Olympics to the willing participants.

Urge SeaWorld to Stop Breeding Dolphins and Whales and Send Them to Seaside Sanctuaries!

Dolphins and whales living in cramped concrete tanks need your help! Will you take action?

Urge Wild Woods Animal Park to Send Animals to Reputable Facilities

Please politely urge Wild Woods to do the right thing by transferring the animals to reputable facilities.

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Animal Haven Zoo Is Hell for Animals—Take Action Now!

Please urge Animal Haven to send these animals to real, accredited sanctuaries, where they can finally get the care that they desperately need.

Convicted Wildlife Trafficker Behind Shady Houston Interactive Aquarium

There’s an ugly history behind the incongruously named Houston Interactive Aquarium & Animal Preserve—and it’s nothing less than criminal. Take action now!

Tell Hollywild Animal Preserve That Bear Cubs Are Not Photo Props

Please urge Hollywild to stop this cruelty!

A Cougar and a Bear Are Forced to Live in Barren, Concrete-Floored Enclosures—Act Now!

Boris the bear and cougars Venus and Apollo are forced to live in dismal conditions in the barren, concrete-floored enclosures at Jungle Adventures. Urge the roadside zoo to release them to accredited sanctuaries now.

Elephants Forced Into Dangerous Encounters With Humans—Help Now!

The operators of Two Tails Ranch and its affiliate, Tarzan Zerbini Circus, have a long history of dangerous elephant attacks involving serious injury and even death. Speak up!

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