TAILGATE! Anheuser-Busch Amputates Budweiser Clydesdales’ Tailbones

As the Super Bowl Approaches, a PETA investigation reveals mutilations of the famed horses.

Victory! Thanks to PETA and Our Supporters, Snakes’ Mouths Won’t Be Sewn Shut in Oklahoma!

After thousands of e-mails and phone calls from PETA supporters, snakes won’t be used at this event in Oklahoma.

Urge Ohio Radio Station to Make Annual ‘Buckeye Chuck’ Event Groundhog-Free

Please politely ask WMRN to replace Buckeye Chuck with a creative alternative, such as a costumed mascot, and continue its Groundhog Day tradition in a progressive, innovative way that isn’t harmful to animals.

Urge Travel Company Tiqets to Stop Supporting SeaWorld’s Cruelty

Please use the form below to urge Tiqets to stop promoting SeaWorld.

Tell SeaQuest Promoters to Stop Supporting Animal Suffering

Please urge the remaining promoters to reconsider their relationship with SeaQuest moving forward.

Take Action for Animals Suffering at Austin Aquarium

Please urge promoters to reconsider their relationship with Austin Aquarium moving forward.

New Bills Aim to End $230 Million in Corporate Welfare for New York Horse Racing

Ask Gov. Kathy Hochul to end horse racing corporate welfare now!

Celebrate ‘The Day of the Dead’ by Remembering Tilikum, Lolita, and Others Who Died at Marine Parks

For “Dia de Los Muertos,” or “The Day of the Dead,” we’re honoring Tilikum, Betty, and other animals who have died at cruel marine parks. They deserved better.

© Ingrid N. Visser, PhD
Wild Animals Languish in Lagoon Amusement Park’s Tiny Cages and Barren Pens—Act Now!

Please urge Lagoon Amusement Park to end its Wild Kingdom train ride and transfer the animals to reputable facilities.

Take Action for Cubs Exploited at Yellowstone Bear World

Please urge Yellowstone Bear World’s remaining promoters not to support the roadside zoo in the future.

PETA Exposes Cruelty to Elephants at Thai Tourist Spot—Take Action

Elephants are beaten, bullied, and chained at Ayutthaya, a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Thailand.

Urge Alaskan Clothing Companies to Stop Promoting Iditarod Dog Abuse

Please join Alaskan residents by urging companies to stop promoting the deadly race.

Young Tiger Electroshocked, Sloths Exploited—Help Stop This Shady Exhibitor

Please urge Larry Wallach to stop exploiting sloths and allow them to be transferred to a reputable facility where they’ll get the care they desperately need.

Tell Kodiak Cakes and Zac Efron: Real Conservation Means Leaving Wild Animals Alone

Please join PETA in urging Efron and Kodiak Cakes to recognize that the best way to protect bears is to stop exploiting them.

Drugged Horses Die in Underground Races—Take Action

From June 2021 through April 2022, a team of PETA operatives investigated unregulated Quarter Horse racing in Georgia, primarily at the largest Georgia “bush track,” Rancho El Centenario (south of Atlanta).

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