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Eating According to Your Zodiac Sign

The following article was written by Keegan Baur.

Do you believe in astrology? I’ve never taken my zodiac sign or weekly horoscopes very seriously, although the latter can be fun to read from time to time. I’d heard of determining whether or not a romantic relationship will be successful based on zodiac signs, but until recently, I’d never heard that your sign could dictate the foods that you should and shouldn’t eat! It makes sense, though—if your zodiac sign determines your personality, your compatibility with others, and who you are in general, why shouldn’t it also determine which foods are best for you? I browsed a few websites, and below is a compilation of what I found. Next time you get the munchies, consider which foods might be a good fit for you, based on your sign. Whether or not you’re a believer, these delicious and healthful recipes are sure to please your palate.

Fire Signs: Don’t Burn Yourself Out


  • Eat: Brown rice, bananas, fruit juices, olives, tomatoes, onions, lettuce, cauliflower, cucumbers, spinach, radishes, broccoli, beans, lentils, pumpkin, walnuts, figs, dried apricots, garlic, and mustard
  • Avoid: Spicy food, salt, and alcohol


  • Eat: Whole grains, rice, citrus fruits, apples, peaches, root vegetables (e.g., potatoes, carrots, and radishes), spinach, broccoli, bitter greens (e.g., kale and mustard greens), nuts, almonds, sunflower seeds, and figs
  • Avoid: Spicy food, and dairy products


  • Eat: Whole grains, whole-grain cereals, pears, apples, oranges, strawberries, root vegetables (e.g., potatoes, carrots, and radishes), onions, olives, figs, and garlic
  • Avoid: Spicy food, sweets, refined sugar, and alcohol

Recipes for Fire Signs

Air Signs: Go Nuts


  • Eat: Plums, oranges, grapefruit, grape juice, raisins, apples, lettuce, cauliflower, spinach, carrots, celery, green beans, tomatoes, vegan yogurt, almonds, cayenne, garlic, and ginger
  • Avoid: Coffee, root vegetables (e.g. potatoes and radishes), yeasty foods, and refined sugar


  • Eat: Whole grains, oats, apples, grapes, strawberries, raisins, steamed vegetables, spinach, tomatoes, peas, carrots, corn, nondairy cheeses, vegan yogurt, nuts, and almonds
  • Avoid: Alcohol, carbonated beverages, yeasty foods, and refined sugar


  • Eat: Apples, oranges, pears, steamed vegetables, cabbage, celery, corn, carrots, tomatoes, broccoli, soy yogurt, nuts, dates, figs, cayenne, garlic, ginger, and protein bars
  • Avoid: Coffee, yeasty foods, and refined sugar

Recipes for Air Signs

Water Signs: Avoid the Oil


  • Eat: Wheat, whole-grain rye, rice, oats, fruits, bananas, steamed vegetables, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, tomatoes, beets, pumpkins, cucumbers, seaweed, vegan yogurt, beans, and natural sugars
  • Avoid: Oily foods, salt, sweets, and refined sugar


  • Eat: Fruits, bananas, black cherries, coconut, steamed vegetables, green salads, leeks, cauliflower, onions, radishes, tomatoes, asparagus, cucumbers, beets, beans, lentils, and almonds
  • Avoid: Oily foods, yeasty foods, salt, sweets, and refined sugar


  • Eat: Wheat, whole-grain cereals, rice, oats, fruits, apples, grapes, oranges, lemons, peaches, plums, steamed vegetables, spinach, onions, seaweed, beans, dates, and natural sugars
  • Avoid: Coffee, oily foods, yeasty foods, asparagus, salt, sweets, and refined sugar

Recipes for Water Signs

Earth Signs: Keep Things Light


  • Eat: Cranberries, asparagus, beets, cauliflower, cucumbers, spinach, onions, radishes, pumpkin, nuts, beans, and horseradish
  • Avoid: Rich and heavy foods, and excessive amounts of carbohydrates


  • Eat: Whole grains and cereals, oats, fruit salads, fruit juices, lemon juice, bananas, oranges, leafy greens, vegetables with spices, sprouts, soups, teas, and almonds
  • Avoid: Rich and heavy foods, and chocolate


  • Eat: Rice, fruit salads, fruit juices, oranges, lemons, vegetables with spices, cabbage, corn, potatoes, sprouts, soups, teas, peanuts, figs, and flaxseeds
  • Avoid: Rich and heavy foods, spicy foods, and chocolate

Recipes for Earth Signs

Let us know which of the recipes recommended for your zodiac sign sound the best to you!

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  • Zodiacsigns123 says:

    I also believes in all these signs. Your article is very informative. Thanks for sharing.

  • Psychic says:

    Ancient wisdom does say that we are linked to the stars. I personally believe in this. If one is in alignment with the higher energies then eating becomes easy.

  • Zodiac Signs says:

    @sakura – Hinduism also encourages vegetarianism, but modern Hinduism has diverted a lot from its original roots. Vegetarian diets are the most healthy ones and ethical 🙂

  • SpaceCaser says:

    Lol @ eve.

  • MdAmor says:

    As a Virgo that loves chocolate I have to disagree with the astrology/food correlation.

  • Meagan says:

    As a capricorn who doesn’t particularly like chocolate ..normally. Lately though I’ve been eating quite a bit and frankly…I have been feeling ever so Crap (headaches, stomach cramps etc). So spot on there..I had wondered if it was the chocolate…now, it seems I know.

  • Eve says:

    Interesting article. Probably nothing to put too much stock into, but each list is a healthy and balanced diet that I personally approve of. I figure whatever gets you eating healthy, be it your astrology sign or what, go with it and enjoy yourself!

    As for the comment by Ashly: How totally irrelevant to this article can you get?

  • Ashly says:

    anything Zodiac is going against God’s word…. read my blog

  • Sara says:

    I don’t know how much stock I would put in this, but I do have to say that for about a year I ate mostly veggies with cheese and spices (Capricorn) (it was the easiest thing to cook), and I felt way better than I do now. Whatever your belief system – don’t knock something till you try it.

  • gahwhat? says:

    Gemini… stay away from coffee… that’s like saying to one of us “try not to exist”… pfffffffffffffft. Doesn’t help that i don’t like many of the foods i’m supposed to eat besides that garlic, plums and ginger… those are nummy. Blegh to most of them though, too acidic!

  • FlowingEvents says:

    Very Good Article…

  • gooniegoobs says:

    @Christian Gemini; you say astrology isn’t a religion, And I’m not s aying it is, but people who believe it have “faith” like yours. SO you cannot say that your truth is the only truth. How could you read this stumble if you are blind?

  • John says:

    Elsje Massyn… you probably fight your point without sounding like such a racist and without being so prejudice against others beliefs. You try to connect the physically action of yoga to the physical action on slaughtering animals by means of religion. Which you follow up by insulting another culture and generalizing a whole lot of people. And toddlers don’t looking at religious affiliations when regarding the harming of animals. But you are free to your own opinions.

  • Abigail says:

    While I don’t normally lot at peta pages, I “stumbled” this one and I must say, that the eating healthier that my boyfriend and I have started doing, is very close to each of our signs (I’m a Libra, he’s a Sagittarius). It’s amusing how we were doing that with out even realizing. Especially considering neither of us really follow atrology

  • ChristianGemini says:

    Further notes to Elsje: Yoga and Astrology are not religions. The Japanese (more than the Chinese) are Shinto, and yes it’s spelled Shinto not Chinto. And I am a Christian but, although I don’t set my life by it, I find Astrology is an extremely accurate default reality for those who do not consciously decide to live in grace. Please educate yourself before you rant.

  • Sakura says:

    Another thing I want to point out: Buddhism is one of the first religions (perhaps the only one that I know of) to encourage vegetarianism. Not fasting, or refraining from eating particular animals, but no meat at all. Taoism has a healthy respect for nature. Shintoism believes that there are gods in everything.

  • Randi Lyn Cantey says:

    @Elsje Massyn – CALM DOWN. BREATHE. Haha. I gotta say a few things here: One, Religion and the Zodiac have nothing to do with each other. Two, Yoga and Star Signs are not “Gods” OR “Religion”, so putting (Yoga and Star Signs) at the end of every sentence involving animal cruelty does not make the two related. Three, you need to accept that there is and will always be cruelty (both animal and human) in EVERY religion. If you want to make a difference, I can appreciate every little bit because it helps. But writing a 10-page comment on the Peta website, bashing every other religion that is not yours is not very proactive… What about the preachers in the US that were caught molesting little boys and girls? Or the ongoing police brutality in our country? 84 year old ladies being pepper sprayed in the eyes at point-blank range for SITTING peacefully, Men being kicked and beaten in the head and women being dragged through the streets by their hair? All of this is being done by what society calls “Christians” and not only that, these “Men of God” are supposed to be protecting us. So you can sit behind the keyboard and say all animal cruelty comes from “The Zodiac” but I want you to know that it makes as much sense to say ALL people from Iran are terrorists… Kind of one-sided, ignorant and biased wouldn’t you say? You can pray/believe/have faith in whatever you want but cruelty comes from a person’s heart. Not their religion.

  • Sakura says:

    @Elsje Massyn: I understand why you deeply dislike those who abuse animals, especially Asian countries without animal protection laws like China, Japan, and India. I feel the same way too. However, it is not the entire country I hate, but the specific people who are unaware of what they are doing to animals. The whole population of these countries may not have the same opinion on how to treat animals. I’m sure there are people who are sympathetic to animals and do not wish for them to be slaughtered mindlessly for fashion there. They may not know that such monstrous atrocities are being committed within their own country. Do not discriminate them, they never wanted to skin innocent tanuki dogs alive or crocodiles who don’t deserve the agony. I also believe that there are some who work at fur farms that don’t understand that they are causing severe pain to harmless rabbits and minxes, and if they knew that, they would instantly stop. They made misinformed decisions, and if they regret their actions, it is in our best interest to forgive them. I myself am 100% of Asian descent, and I am truly ashamed that my country tolerates such terrible cruelty. Our religion and beliefs may have shaped a country, but the actions of today are made by people who have their own interests. I have a hard time accepting that a Buddhist would enjoy watching animals suffer. For example, His Holiness the Dalai Lama protests Kentucky Fried Chicken’s cruelty to chickens, wants them to “stay out of Tibet.” To answer your question, Japan isn’t entirely Buddhist, and not everybody there wants to stab harpoons into whales and dolphins for meat. It’s a practice that should be given up for the sake of these guiltless animals. China is not entirely Buddhist either. Fur farms take lengths to hide what they are doing to tanuki dogs, so many people there don’t know about it. And by Chinto, do you mean Shinto, a Japanese animistic religion?

  • Sandyfeet says:

    Leo here and I love and eat everything listed, but sorry the more hot spices the better.

  • Kathleen says:

    Very nice, I was thinking of writing an article about this for my blog, but never did lol, And as a taurus, yes, we need to keep things light 🙂

  • Melchizedek says:

    Fun side note for Elsje Massyn, the zodiac is not a strictly far eastern concept. It has its roots in the fertile crescent, in ancient Chaldea, the cradle of humanity. Ever notice that the zodiac signs are the same across all ancient cultures? Chinese, Egyptian, Mayan, Teutonic, Assyrian… They might have different names, but they are the same stars in the sky. Its not an Oriental thing. Even Buddhism can be traced back to around 300 BC when Hellenistic influences brought by Alexander the Great came to India and Buddha sprang up modeled around Alexander, actually.

  • jess says:

    @ elsje massyn:those are countries in which these things are popular but doesn’t mean that every single Asian follows what their religion says. most people don’t follow what their religion tells them and you should probably educate yourself a little more before going on ridiculous rants.there are sects of Buddhism in India that are so strict that they wear veils over their noses and mouths so they don’t accidentally inhale bugs and walk with brooms that they sweep the ground in front of them with so they don’t accidentally step on a small creature and kill it.

  • stacie says:

    this scorpio is going to try this.

  • Jane says:

    funny, i’m a aries and there are all the things listed under “eat” that i love! i don’t believe into zodiac much, but it’s fun 🙂

  • RichInHeart says:

    I am a Leo and eat spicy food and dairy products almost every day. My SO eats so much refined sugar. Has his morning cups of coffee and loves muffins donuts and bread…*sigh*

  • Phyllis says:

    Avoid carrots? Oh no!

  • Elsje Massyn says:

    I cannot help but laugh at people who do yoga & read their star signs (what the future holds) column each day. Especially people who fight against cruelty against animals. The countries that brought the “religion” of Yoga & Star Signs are the same countries that animal cruelty activists have to fight each day, countries that bow before Buddha, but strip the skin and fur off live dogs & cats & other animals each day. Countries that put bears in cages and tap liquid from their biles. Countries that cook pigs alive, put crocodiles on their display in their wallmarts and sell pig snouts as a delicacy.

    Animal activists with any brains in their heads will not bow before the same gods (Buddha, Yoga, Star Signs) that has brought the culture of slaughtering pigs, dogs, cats, exotic animals, kill rhinos for their horns and elephants for their tusks. Countries that are guilty of the most inhumane acts against animals and humans. And I am talking about China, Japan, Taiwan, China, Korea, Indonesia. All these countries BOW before these “gods” and many animal activists (most of the time unknowingly) “bow” before these same “gods” that instigate these cruelties.

    Its like saying I want to eat meat, but dont want to see the processes it had to go through to get on my plate. That is the same as someone doing Yoga, are hooked on Star Signs, Bow before Buddha and on the other hand try and save the life of an animal. Its black and white – two opposites.

    If you dont believe me, why is Japan (Buddhist) allowing slaughtering of Dolphins & Whales?? (Yoga & Star Signs)

    If you dont believe me, why is China (Buddhist / Chinto etc.) allowing slaughtering and cruelty of MANY ANIMALS DAILY (Yoga & Star Signs)

    It originated from Asia, its origen may “look & sound” peaceful, but its root is murder & bloodshed.

    A toddler will be able to understand what I am saying, why cant adults get the picture.

  • D says: