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Fashion Friday: Lazy Fall Weekend

This week, we’re taking it easy and staying warm in comfy fall classics. You can easily get this look with items that you already have in your closet. Just grab your favorite worn-in sweatshirt, throw on a pair of stretchy leggings, and add a pair of leather-free boots, and you’ll be ready to go!

And since we’ve already committed to being lazy in this look, why not snuggle up with a hot cup of tea and watch a movie on your iPad? Just be sure that the tea you’re sipping on is cruelty-free!

What’s in your lazy weekend wardrobe?

Lazy Fall Weekend
Lazy Fall Weekend by officialpeta
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  • MaurA says:

    I find it ironic that An iPod is suggested especially since apple products are made in sweatshops in china by underage children workers in horrible conditions. Suicide nets are installed in these places because so many of the workers attempt suicide by jumping out the windows. Sorry PETA but it seems a little unfair to skip the leather but promote child labor.

  • Emmy says:

    A very stylish and relaxed combination. but nice 🙂

  • Budgetarily Unfriendly says:

    And probably $800 later.. Hell, I could go on a weekend vacation for less than buy the Toms and the iPad. Though it’s a cute look all the same, there are so many better options.

  • ali says:

    iapd is awesome for fashion <3

  • Elise Walsh says:

    I know through experience those are the most comfortable boots I’ve owned. This outfit would be more along the lines of a casual Saturday off, but I love how thoughtful each item is towards the environment.

  • balancing says:

    great selection for a weekend!

  • Ron @ Bounce House Rentals says:

    Looks like a comfy outfit! I like the color coordination. Toms? I don’t own a pair but maybe I’ll get a pair for Christmas 😉

  • Maria says:

    style at its best… it really looks cool..

  • Donne Milano says:

    A very stylish and relaxed combination.

  • Artificial Flowers says:

    Nice fashion dress 🙂

  • mariana geeeeeeeeeee. says:

    dopeeee, i’d totally wear this but, with regular toms. c:

  • Jarmila Koblihov says:

    My lazy weekend ( 😛 ) is drinking hot cocoa, eating tortillas with vegetable, cheese and black olives. I´m also wearing sweatpants, old sweatshirt and I´m watching movies =)

  • Leuise Crumble says:

    I love this ensemble. Stylish