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7 Times PETA Showed the Best Look at Fashion Week

A different kind of runway stole the spotlight at these events.

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Go Faux or Go Naked

P!nk (and our favorite cruelty-free faux fur picks) say it best.

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Sexy Silk-Free Lingerie Picks and More to Drive Your Valentine Wild

Set the mood with our all vegan secrets that will make your partner one happy camper.

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Finding Vegan Hotspots in Seoul, South Korea

Vacation days saved with nowhere to go? Say hello to your next animal-friendly culinary and shopping adventure!

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Complete List of Companies That Have Banned Angora Wool ©

Complete List of Companies That Have Banned Angora Wool

Dozens of companies have refused to sell angora, including these.

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Vegan Leather: Chic, Sustainable, and Fruity… Wait, What?

You’ll never guess the origins of these innovative vegan leather accessories. Wearable pineapple—what?!

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11 Animal- and Eco-Friendly Companies to Keep an Eye on in 2015

Style is about more than the garment itself—and no one knows that better than these up-and-coming brands.

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‘Suit Up!’ in These Wool-Free Picks

Dress to impress like Barney Stinson with your own wool-free suit collection.

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16 Boots to Elevate Your Winter Game

Cold feet—check. Warm heart—double check. A pair of these cruelty-free cuties—hop to it, ladies!

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Vegan Dress Shoes: Stylish, Practical, and Kind

Vegan dress shoes are easy to find if you know what you’re looking for! Here’s a list of shoes perfect for the office or a night out.

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Save 100 Animals a Year …

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