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12 Adorable Denim Looks for Fall

Denim is a classic material that never goes out of style. Here’s how to wear it this fall.

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10 Vegan Coats for Brisk Fall Weather

There’s no need to wear an animal to stay warm this fall—these cute vegan coats will do the trick.

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Pamela Anderson Introduces Fun Vegan Fashion Accessories

Pamela Anderson introduces fashion accessories for sexy, fun, stylish vegans.

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WATCH: Meet the Shoe Company That’s Revolutionizing (Vegan) Fashion

Why should you wear vegan? It’s never been easier.

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12 Vegan Novelty Bags That You Need Right Now

With these little beauties slung over your shoulder, you’ll be sure to make a statement.

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Ethical, Vegan Fashion Steals the Show at PETA’s Style-Studded Panel Event

PETA’s first-ever Vegan Fashion + Sustainability panel brought together pioneers in ethical fashion.

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Our 12 Favorite Vegan Summer Shoes for Men

These are our favorite casual summer shoes for men, without the cruelty to animals.

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Move Over, Hermès: The ‘V’irkin Has Arrived

Freedom of Animals debuts a special edition “vegan Birkin” handbag with PETA as Hermès suppliers are exposed for cruelty to animals.

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16 Vegan Shoes for Summer

Whether you’re hiking, going out on the town, or spending a day at the beach, find vegan shoes for any summer adventure!

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Help Animals in One Easy Step With This New Line of Vegan Leather Shoes

Now what you stand in and what you stand for are one and the same.

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