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Searching for a Cruelty-Free Cure

Does your breast cancer charity support animal tests? Work toward a cure with these cruelty-free charities instead.

According to the National Breast Cancer Foundation, every 12 minutes a woman in America succumbs to breast cancer, and it is estimated that more than 215,000 new cases of invasive breast cancer will occur in women this year alone. Experts across the board agree that the key to stopping this epidemic lies in early detection and screening. October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and breast cancer advocacy groups will be stepping up their efforts to gain supporters. Caring people wouldn’t think of offering up their beloved companion animals for hideous experiments, so if you’re planning on donating time or money to a charity, you’ll want to know which groups support cutting-edge non-animal studies and which fall back on cruel, archaic, and unreliable animal tests.

The cruelty-free charities listed here would never throw your money away to fund animal experiments.

The Garland Appeal

37 Meteor Trl.
Andover, NJ 07821

The Garland Appeal commemorates the life of Linda McCartney, a devoted animal rights activist who died of breast cancer in 1998. The Garland Appeal focuses on “the healing power of music” and funds efforts to increase early detection of breast cancer. Proceeds from The Garland Music Series Vol. 1 album and The Garland Appeal’s organically grown, award-winning Cabernet and Chardonnay wines support its projects.


American Breast Cancer Foundation

1220 B E. Joppa Rd., Ste. 332
Baltimore, MD 21286

The American Breast Cancer Foundation (ABCF) aims “to provide early detection education and screening services to those in need, no matter what age, race, sex, or financial challenge.” The ABCF’s Key to Life Breast Cancer Screening Assistance Program facilitates mammograms, ultrasounds, and biopsies and gives Post-Breast-Surgery Care Kits to hospitals for use by mastectomy patients.


Avon Breast Cancer Crusade

Avon Products Foundation, Inc.
1345 Ave. of the Americas, 4th Fl.
New York, NY 10105

Cementing its dedication to helping women in the most relevant ways, Avon’s Breast Cancer Crusade strives to benefit all women through research, clinical care, support services, education, and early detection, with an emphasis on reaching medically underserved women, including low-income, elderly, and minority women and women without adequate health insurance. Rather than wasting funds on go-nowhere animal experiments, the Avon Breast Cancer Crusade channels much-needed funds into a growing network of clinical-research, medical, social-service, and community-based organizations.


Breast Cancer Fund

1388 Sutter St., Ste. 400
San Francisco, CA 94109-5400

The Breast Cancer Fund (BCF) works to identify and eliminate environmental and other preventable causes of breast cancer. The BCF borrowed a page from PETA’s tactics book in 2000, when its “Obsessed With Breasts” campaign featured models showing their mastectomy scars and asking, “Society is obsessed with breasts, but what are we doing about breast cancer?”

What You Can Do

Please write to these breast cancer charities that do support animal tests and explain why they should only do animal-free research. Check out PETA’s Guide to Letter-Writing for tips on how to make your request as effective as possible.

Breast Cancer Research Foundation
60 E. 56th St., 8th Fl.
New York, NY 10022

Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation
5005 LBJ Fwy., Ste. 250
Dallas, TX 75244

Nina Hyde Center for Breast Cancer Research
(Lombardi Cancer Research Center)
3800 Reservoir Rd. N.W.
Washington, DC 20007

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  • Cosmetic Surgeons in Brisbane says:

    Thank you for your recommendations. Yes, we are one with you in giving our non-support for charities that fund animal experiments for cancer cure.

  • Skin Cancer Brisbane says:

    What are the main reasons of the breast cancer? What do you mean by the cruelty free cure?

  • Kristy says:

    I agree with Bonnie. Chemo and radiation sometimes seems like it’s your only option- but did you know people are getting rid of their cancer from taking high doses of Vitamin C? Surely this is a better, more natural way of treatment.
    I think it’s ironic that we are spending sooooo much in the cure for cancer, and people don’t even realize that we have already found the cure for it. and it’s ironic that people are willing to spend so much for the cure for cancer, when they aren’t willing to use their money to prevent it by eating right. Our priorities are mixed up, America.

  • Ellie says:

    Been there, done that with breast cancer. Good action here PETA. In response to Tracey’s post: I do agree with you re the seeming contradiction in purpose here. However, that PETA is urging the support of this particular effort by AVON, is at least a starting point. Perhaps it will prove to be a gateway to PETA and many more of us, in letting AVON know that as we become more educated/informed about the cosmetic industry and it’s dirty little “toxic to not only animals, but us, secrets”, it may help AVON to adopt new and improved standards. Go ahead and write to AVON as well. Make your concerns known. It’s the only way.
    Those standards must involve no animal testing as well as better health standards for those of us who use cosmetics. Have to start somewhere to effect positive change, right? In checking our hearts and our convictions, together with educating ourselves, we can then make well informed decisions on what we choose to support. In todays economic climate, most of us find ourselves able to financially support fewer charities than ever before, so even more important to choose conscientiously. For animal activists, this naturally leads us to support orgs which take animal rights/welfare seriously and have established (strictly enforced) policies which prove it. Thousands of fur, fin and feathered kidz are suffering horribly daily. If we are committed to changing this fact, we do whatever we can to help.
    Always For The Animals
    Cheers, Ellie

  • Bonnie Morgan says:

    I do not support any of these cancer organizations .why is there no cancer prevention month ? Cancer treatment is big business .Western medicine is all about the money .There is no humanity in that. Go to natural news .com and get some eye opening info about the real truth about breast cancer .My friend was not killed by cancer ,the chemo and radiation killed her

  • Tracey says:

    PETA has its own contradiction here. On one page it supports Avon Cosmetics…but if you click to the Breast Cancer Fund and then onto, these websites tell you that Avon uses toxic chemicals in their cosmetics which are linked to Breast Cancer. Come on PETA…get on the ball here. Watch out who you are promoting!!

  • Margaret Kallmeyer says:

    I was told that I had breast cancer following a mammogram this past year. There were three places on my left breast which showed
    up as lesions. Had to undergo a mastectomy to remove the cancer.
    Would like to talk to other people who have gone through the same.

  • Sue Marriner says:

    I was really upset to see the Big Fish Games are supporting the Breast Cancer Research Foundation – I have emailed them about it and suggested they support a charity that doesnt do research on animals but I havent heard back yet – I wonder if anyone reading this would also email them about it – perhaps if they thought enough people cared they would change.
    Best wishes from Sue

  • Katrelya Angus says:

    There is only one health charity I support:

    Physicians’ Committee for Responsible Medicine.

    I completely and wholeheartedly support an end to all cancer, including, but not limited to breast cancer, and have complete confidence in the Physicians’ Committee for Responsible Medicine in its endeavors to, through the use of its support of state of the art medical research without the use of animals, put an end to breast cancer and other life-threatening illnesses.

  • Allen Sentinery says:

    I just made a donation to PETA for $100 and I’m committed to helping PETA win against breast cancer.

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