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Down on the Farm

Wait until you see what today’s farms ACTUALLY look like.

RZA Vegan Interview: Do Good Today for ‘A Better Tomorrow’

Wu-Tang’s RZA chooses to leave animals off his plate, knowing that going vegan makes for “a better tomorrow.”

4-H Hardens Hearts

Agricultural programs are cruel to animals—and to the children who must learn to close their eyes to suffering.

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Act Now to Protect Cruelty-to-Animals Investigations in North Carolina

Please urge Gov. Pat McCrory to join you in opposing H.B. 405 today!

Mastering the Art of Vegan Cooking: Learn How!

SNEAK PEEK: Check out some of our favorite delicious recipes from the brand new cookbook by award winning authors Annie and Dan Shannon.

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Photo of the Day: Giant ‘Celery’ Stalks ‘Bike to Work’ Day With Free Vegan Jerky for Cyclists

“Bike to Work” Day participants received a cheerful greeting and a free snack of vegan jerky, courtesy of PETA’s costumed “carrot” and “celery.”

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Still Eating Eggs? Here’s Why You Should Stop ©

Still Eating Eggs? Here’s Why You Should Stop

More than 20 million hens have been killed during the recent bird flu outbreak, just one of many reasons to stop eating “chicken periods.”

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Awesome Vegan Food at IKEA (Minimal Assembly Required)

IKEA has so much more to offer than just vegan meatballs.

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Video: A Group of Animal Rights Supporters Walks Into a Restaurant—You Won’t Believe What Happens Next ©
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Vegan Energy Boosters That Go Beyond Coffee

Need an afternoon pick-me-up? Try these plant-based picks.

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Will Boston Airport’s New Eco-Friendly Plan Mean No More Meat? ©

Will Boston Airport’s New Eco-Friendly Plan Mean No More Meat?

PETA wants Logan International to kick meat and dairy products out of the airport.

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Pamela Anderson Screams: Meat and Dairy Farms Drain Half the Nation’s Water

Pamela Anderson knows that animal agriculture uses more water than even the longest shower.

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