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Photos: When Snow Globes Turn Twisted

This snow globe is telling shoppers: ‘s no more wool.’

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Get Your Free Animal Rights iPhone Wallpaper

Are you more cuddly cat or cute pig? Pick your favorite animal rights iPhone wallpaper here.

Leather in Reverse

Most leather comes from developing countries such as India and China, where animal welfare laws are either non-existent or not enforced. In India, a PETA investigation found that workers …

How Buying Down Feathers Supports the Cruel Foie Gras Industry

If you buy down comforters or jackets you’re funding extreme cruelty.

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Steve-O Knows ‘It’s Natural to Be Horrified’

A side of Steve-O not often seen by the public—watch the comedian’s conversation with PETA about his animal activism.

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‘Girl Meets World’ Throws Wool out the Window ©

‘Girl Meets World’ Throws Wool out the Window

It was “girl meets wool” in last Friday’s episode of Disney’s Girl Meets World.

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Prank: What if Geese Plucked Humans for Down?

We took a plucked-goose costume on the streets of LA to find out.

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You Won’t Believe Which Celebrities Got Naked for PETA

We’re looking back on some of our favorite ads featuring celebrities who’ve bared it all for animal rights.

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Watch This Model Speak Up for Ostriches

He’s sexy and compassionate—and speaking up for ostriches from his native South Africa.

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Yikes! You Can’t Unsee This Terrifying Karl Lagerfeld Grim Reaper (Photos) ©

Yikes! You Can’t Unsee This Terrifying Karl Lagerfeld Grim Reaper (Photos)

A ghastly ‘Karl Lagerfeld’ puts in a nightmarish appearance at Fendi’s Rome fashion show to protest the designer’s love affair with fur.

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Jane Birkin Ignores Cruelty to Ostriches, but Can She Ignore This?

In a new parody video, PETA France is calling on the ’70s singer to tell Hermès to ditch cruel ostrich leather.

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Shocking Photos: How Did These Sheep Abusers Avoid Prosecution?

Australian authorities said that there was not sufficient evidence to prosecute. Decide for yourself.

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Nicole Williams: Leather Is a Rip-Off

Nicole Williams of the hit series WAGS proves that she’s as kind as she is beautiful in a new PETA ad exposing the cruelty behind leather products.

Check Out peta2’s 2016 Summer Campaign: “Who Are You Wearing?”

Have you ever stopped to think about where those clothes and accessories really came from—or WHO they came from?

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‘Behind the Leather’ Wins Gold Lions at Cannes!

Ogilvy & Mather took home the prestigious awards for its “Behind the Leather” campaign for PETA.

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