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Speak Out Against ‘Mutton Busting’ School in Ohio! ©

Speak Out Against ‘Mutton Busting’ School in Ohio!

Please inform Creek Bend Ranch’s owners that sheep indeed experience pain—as well as fear and stress—and urge them to end their “mutton busting” school.

28 Famous Men Take It Off for PETA!

PETA’s anti-fur campaigns have attracted a wide variety of athletes, actors, musicians, and pop-culture personalities. Check out some of our favorites!

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‘Sheep’ to J.Crew: Hear Us, Don’t Shear Us ©

‘Sheep’ to J.Crew: Hear Us, Don’t Shear Us

Sheep are up in hooves over the way they’re being abused by wool producers. And today, one of them asked J.Crew to drop cruel wool.

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Hell-Bent for Leather

When you take the time to find options that fit your beliefs, you’ll be surprised by how easy it is.

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Death in the Fur Industry

This video shows how every fur coat, trinket, and bit of trim caused tremendous suffering—and took away an animal’s life.

Sheep Killed, Left to Die for U.S. Wool

PETA’s exposé in the U.S. found that a shearer forcefully bent sheep’s necks and limbs and cut part of a sheep’s ear off. Workers sew up gaping cuts with …

Sheep Punched, Stomped on, Cut for Wool

PETA’s investigations in Australia—the world’s top wool exporter—found that shearers beat, kicked, and threw terrified sheep. Help these gentle animals today!

Why Is This Soccer Player Sporting Nothing But Tats?

USA soccer player Tim Howard shows animals some love—and some ink.

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Guys’ Guide to Leather-Free Golf Shoes

Whether you go for high-tech and sporty or old-school cool, eco-friendly, no-cow golf shoes will help you improve your game from the ground up.

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Wilby’s New Vegan Handbag Collection

PETA U.K.’s celebrity liaison, Meg Mathews, creates accessories that are as stylish as they are eco- and animal-friendly.

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Quiksilver Says NO to Angora Cruelty

June 2014 After talks with PETA at Quiksilver’s headquarters, the surf and snowboard company confirmed that it won’t sell any more items containing angora wool.

60 Seconds That Will Change Your Life © Serg Alexander/Eyeworks Production

60 Seconds That Will Change Your Life

Can you step into the life of an animal for just one minute?

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Gap Bans Angora After PETA Speaks at Its Annual Meeting

May 2014 After extensive talks and an appearance at Gap Inc.’s annual meeting, PETA convinced the worldwide retailer to ban angora sales for good and to remove the remaining …

More Companies Ban Angora: Is Your Favorite on the List?

Chances are good that the list of top companies that have banned angora wool reads a lot like the list of labels in your closet.

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‘Insider’ Host Keltie Knight Gives an Inside Look at Why She’s Fur-Free

“Insider” host Keltie Knight bares her soul—and everything else—to save animals.

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