‘Sheep Can’t Fight for Sheep’s Rights’: PETA’s Incendiary New Campaign Targets Fashion Schools and Consumers

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In time for New York Fashion Week, PETA is targeting the Garment District, the Fashion Institute of Technology, and the Parsons School of Design with a provocative new messaging blitz calling on people to be on the right side of history by leaving wool out of their wardrobes.

A group of sheep protesting with a sign that says "sheep can't fight for sheep's rights" and "live vegan" in the lower righthand corner

The campaign—which was designed by The Community ad agency and features sheep rioting in front of a burning landscape—exhorts viewers to “live vegan” and includes a massive sky-high appeal in the Garment District as well as 50 huge posters strategically placed outside the two world-famous fashion design schools.

Photo of a billboard featuring a heard of sheep with a banner reading sheep can't fight for sheep's rights - live vegan

What’s Wrong With Wool?

PETA entity investigations have uncovered cruelty to sheep at over 100 wool industry operations worldwide—even at “responsible” farms, on which workers have been seen punching, stomping, kicking, and throwing sheep. Shearers are usually paid by volume, not by the hour, which incentivizes them to work quickly, and sheep are often left bloodied and in pain. The gaping wounds caused by careless shearers are then crudely stitched up—without painkillers.

Stealing sheep’s wool is also inherently speciesist—these playful, social individuals don’t grow their wool for us to use, and we aren’t entitled to it. Because of today’s breeding and farming, sheep grow much more wool than they would naturally. And when farmers shear sheep prematurely, they frequently cause them to freeze to death. Their unnaturally thick coats in the summer can also cause many to die of heat exhaustion. If they were left alone and not genetically manipulated, sheep would grow just enough wool to protect themselves from temperature extremes.

If fashion designers and consumers want to be on the right side of history, they can’t support the exploitation of any sentient beings, including animals, who are among the most marginalized.

Smiling sheep stands next to tree

The best way you can protect sheep is by refusing to buy anything made from their wool. Eco- and animal-friendly vegan fabrics—including linen, TENCEL, and modal—are widely available at retailers everywhere. PETA’s “How to Wear Vegan” guide can help anyone make their wardrobe animal-free:

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