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Animal Experimentation

Mary Matalin: NIH Spent $30 Million on WHAT?

Republican strategist Mary Matalin doesn’t want the government to throw any more money away on cruel experiments on baby monkeys.

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‘Monkeys’ Tell Air France: ‘You Brought Us Here—Now Get Us Home’

During an Air France event , a disruptive “monkey” asks to be sent back to the home she was stolen from.

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Seventh Generation Reverses Course and Agrees to Lobby for Non-Animal Tests

October 2014 PETA had spent years trying to get paper and cleaning products company Seventh Generation to stop lobbying for legislation that would result in tens of millions of …

Help Stop Cruel Tests on Monkeys, Cats, Mice, and Other Animals

Every year, millions of animals are cut open, poisoned, and killed in laboratories. Make a gift to stop this cruelty by October 31, and it will be DOUBLED!

Seventh Generation Reverses Course

After hearing from thousands of PETA supporters, Seventh Generation cleans up its act.

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NIH: First They Take Your Freedom

PETA is taking on the National Institutes of Health’s much-criticized psychological experiments on primate mothers and their infants who were torn away from them at birth.

Brains in a Dish: No, This Isn’t a Scene From ‘The Walking Dead’ ©

Brains in a Dish: No, This Isn’t a Scene From ‘The Walking Dead’

A huge breakthrough for Alzheimer’s research: Scientists have created what they call “Alzheimer’s in a Dish.”

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India Bans the Importation of Animal-Tested Cosmetics

October 2014 After intensive efforts led by PETA India’s science policy adviser, and with support from PETA U.S. and the PETA International Science Consortium, Ltd., the Indian Ministry of …

Why Are Frogs Leaping For Joy in Lima? © Valigursky

Why Are Frogs Leaping For Joy in Lima?

A top university in Peru ends frog dissections, thanks to donated humane educational tools from PETA.

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India Closes Loophole in Cosmetics-Testing Ban

The Indian government has strengthened its historic ban on animal testing for cosmetics by also banning the importation of cosmetics tested on animals.

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6 Pointless Animal Experiments Happening NOW

These animal experiments are real, they’re happening now, and they’re helping nothing. Number 6 will bring you to tears.

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Colgate Supports India’s Cosmetics Testing Ban ©

Colgate Supports India’s Cosmetics Testing Ban

PETA thanks personal-care product giant Colgate-Palmolive for its support of India’s ban on testing cosmetics on animals.

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