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PETA’s Most Attention-Grabbing Efforts to Save Turkeys

Written by Michelle Kretzer | November 25, 2013

PETA’s new bus stop Thanksgiving ads raised eyebrows and parental ire after people realized that through lenticular technology, adults saw one image, while kids saw quite another. Viewers who were taller than 4 feet 3 inches saw this image:

Thanksgiving Dinner Adult Version

While shorter viewers saw this:

Thanksgiving Dinner Kid Version

The widely reported stunt was far from the first time that PETA has stuck our necks out to save turkeys’ necks. Who can forget the “Thanksgiving Grace” ad, in which an honest little girl tells it like it really is?

Our ever-popular “turkey dog” and “turkey cat” billboards are a striking visual reminder that the animals we call “dinner” aren’t all that different from the animals we call “family.”

Thanksgiving TurkeyDog Billboard

Turkey: © Steidl | Dog: © Isselée

Kids: If You Wouldn't Eat Your Cat, Why Eat a Turkey? PSA

Turkey: © Steidl | Cat: © Martínez Banús

Each year, our sexy “pilgrims” hit the streets and hand out free Tofurky roasts, the Thanksgiving dinner that truly was made to be cooked and eaten.

Sexy Pilgrims with Free Tofurky

And this year, PETA released a graphic new animated video, “Thanks!” in which an intrepid turkey saves a young boy from the slaughterhouse.

Give a turkey a reason to say, “Thanks!” Make a delicious Tofurky your Thanksgiving centerpiece and let birds be free.

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  • Sarah says:

    WOW! Thank you PETA for helping stand up for other animals rights – we ALL deserve a happy life , even if we can’t speak up for ourselves. I can’t imagine what it must be like to be treated so cruelly and not even be able to communicate your pain :'(

  • esieffe says:

    I have always supported animal rights and PETA, but I occasionally would eat meat when out in public. Recently on I saw some slaughterhouse employees torturing piglets for sport. The only worse thing I have ever seen in my life has been WWII concentration camp films. I burst into tears and vowed never to eat meat again.