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Success! Taste-Testers Love First Bite of Lab-Grown Meat!

Written by Michelle Kretzer | August 5, 2013

Today in London, for the first time, two people got to sink their teeth into a real beef hamburger that wasn’t grown inside a cow. Professor Mark Post of Maastricht University in the Netherlands publicly unveiled his lab-grown burger at a high-profile taste-testing event that was streamed online. A chef prepared the cultured beef patty, and Post let a food writer and a food researcher do the honors.

“The surface of the meat was crunchy—surprisingly,” said food researcher Hanni Rutzler. “The taste itself was as juicy as meat can be, but different. It tastes like meat, not a meat-substitute like soya or whatever.”

Well, there are some pretty tasty soy—or whatever—burgers, but some people just “have to have” real meat. And that’s going to be OK one day, because cultured beef is meat. Post made his by placing stem cells taken from cows into a culture dish and feeding the cells with fetal calf serum to make them grow. He says that one sample of muscle cells taken from a live cow during a biopsy could create up to 20,000 tons of cultured beef.

Besides eliminating the need to slaughter billions of animals every year, growing meat in a laboratory would end clear-cutting of forests for livestock production, conserve vast amounts of water and energy, and reduce greenhouse-gas emissions for meat production by 78 to 96 percent.

PETA has been investing in cultured meat research for the past six years to save animals. The debut of this lab-grown burger is the first important step toward realizing the dream of one day putting environmentally sound, humanely produced real meat into the hands and mouths of the people who insist upon eating animal flesh.

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  • Midi says:

    I want lab grown meat for cat food.

  • Miranda says:


  • Suzanne says:

    I haven’t eaten meat for over 12 years now. The idea of eating test tube meat is not appealing in the slightest to me, but I am thrilled about the possibilities this product presents. Animals do not want to be murdered for their flesh and the fact that billions of them are each and every year is simply horrendous. If this product can end the slaughter, then I hope it is available to the public ASAP. People do not need meat to survive. In fact, we are all far healthier without it. It is too bad that so many people care nothing for the suffering and brutality that animals endure; they care only for their stomachs and it shows. Americans especially, are fat, and are getting fatter.

  • Susan F says:

    As Sandra I noted, this is great for cat and dog food. You all must feel the same. It is horrible to know that because we love our cats and dogs, we feed them animals that have suffered greatly to be their meals. A heartbreaking contradiction. So the cultured meat is a huge step forward for this purpose.

  • michelle says:

    I will love this technology if someone can explain to me that no cows or fetus’ are hurt in the process of obtaining the stem cells and the fetal calf serum. If anyone reading this knows of the process and can explain it to me, I’d appreciate it. Thanks.

  • Anton says:

    Not fo me. The taste of the meat would remind me, at least, of the brutality that brought it via the lab onto my tastebuds.However,I am very happy that someday,this will help us to stop killing beautiful, defenseless fellow Earth dwellers like cows, pigs, chickens, and fish. What a great day that will be.

  • Henry Di Carlo says:

    Making progress to a cruelty free world.

  • Sandra I says:

    Yay — thank yoy, PETA! I will continue to be a vegetarian even after lab grown meat exists, but I will certainly be happy to invest in and/or buy lab grown meat based cat and dog food 🙂

  • Geraldo Majela Elias de Abreu Pereira says:

    Que notícia maravilhosa! Na Terra há três “forças de vida”: a Natureza, os Animais, e a Humanidade. Os humanos vem dizimando os animais, como se tivesse esse direito. Esta tecnologia poderá vir a ser a “tábua de salvação” para muitas espécies de animais. Se o laboratório que está desenvolvendo essa tecnologia, resolver captar recursos na Bolsa de Valores, vai conseguir atrair a atenção e o interesse de muitos e muitos e muitos investidores. Assim, disporá de recursos muito mais do que suficiente para desenvolver essa mesma tecnologia para com outras espécies de animais como os porcos, os frangos, os cavalos o japonês come), os cães são comidos por coreanos e chineses),capivaras, cabritos, perus, etc. Espero que a carne assim elaborada chegue ao mercado o mais breve possível. A saúde humana irá agradecer e muito.

  • PETA LOVER says:

    Peta!, keep it up!! <3 Everything you do is so wonderful! The fact that you are providing an Alternative to animal meat is Amazing!!! Thank you!! Now maybe this awful, Terrible killing of cute little Innocent cows will be put to a Halt. This truly is an Unbelievable triumph for all of the Many animals living on this Amazing planet that was made by our Neighbors in the first place. Every little animal is so Very cute and you and I adore them so much!!! Love, your biggest fan

  • Deborah Thompson says:

    I am so thankful to hear about this breakthrough and also hope that this is something that really takes off. I would certainly never buy animal meat again if I could buy this. I feel dreadful every time I eat any animal product. Thank you PETA for investing in this technology. You guys rock!

  • Joanne says:

    Oh, and provided, that the host cow is given enough anesthesia and loads of comfort in the process.

  • Joanne says:

    Now this is GOOD NEWS! And I agree with Debra Clinton 🙂

  • BreezyBree says:

    I think this is kind of gross to eat but I guess it’s better than senseless slaughtering. Just the whole idea of it makes me think of meat as even more repulsive!

  • Christina Mackey says:

    ABSOLUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUTELY, fantastic for the animals sake. Hope it takes off like lightening. Would make me so happy and cause so much less stress for me, having less animals to worry over.

  • Denise Lenardson says:

    I cant wait for this to be mainstream, and the norm. I was on the freeway driving yesterday, and was next to a pickup truck with an animal trailer attached. There were probably 20 or more cows in the trailer cuddling together as close as possible-to me it looked to be because they were terrified. The truck itself was extremely loud & I believe that was probably more of what was causing the fear than anything. I couldnt wait to get away from the truck because it was so loud. And the noise that the metal trailer would make over every little bump in the road. That alone has to be so terrifying to them. Then what comes next is even worse. Please make this lab meat a reality very soon. But of course without any chemicals that will be deadly to humans.

  • gdtaber says:

    This lab grown meat would take lots of heat off the real animals! And that is a very good thing, I say! I don’t have a problem with it. Meat is meat whether it’s grown on the hoof or in a lab.

  • Lisa says:

    finally technology put to good use!!!!

  • Nerina says:

    Great, great & one thousand times great!!

  • sima niroomand says:


  • Thomas B. says:

    Thank you!!

  • Thomas B. says:

    I think that will be a very good replacement for the real meat. that means no more killing, torturing and starving animals to dead. And I hope many People realize that the meat consumption cannot go on like we do it today.Our ressources on the earth are coming to an end.

  • danielle lortie says:

    Thanks god! At last we’re starting to see some light at the end of the tunnel!!! Please, who can do it, put that meat on the market as fast as you can! Mercy! mercy for those poor animals!!!

  • Candee Gordon says:

    I support lab grown meat to save lives!!!

  • eva campos says:

    I have stopped eating meat because of the cruelty that the animals go through and all the garbage that they are forced to eat and the dirty conditions in which meat is processed. I welcome this new way of serving up meat while still protecting the animals and saving our planet.

  • Theresa Lopez says:

    I think this is amazing and I really hope that it will be eaten by carnavores soon. I think it’s discusting to eat an animal

  • Billie Close says:

    This is WONDERFUL. What a relief it would be to enjoy a hamburger or steak or whatever knowing u haven’t caused any suffering FOR ANY LIVING CREATURE. The sooner this becomes MAINSTREAM, THE BETTER !!!

  • Marilyn Copland says:

    this sounds wonderful, I like hamburgers but thinking of the cow stops me from eating them. This is a great alternative hope it works out.

  • cheryl csanyi says:


  • Debra Clinton says:

    I’m THRILLED that this technology is making such progress and I hope it gets some serious investors quickly!

  • Preston says:

    I’d like to see this being made into pet foods. As a vegan, it’s disheartening to have to buy meat for my cat but I know, unlike humans, she really needs the stuff. I have not found a suitable vegan cat food. It all seems to have grains in them, something cats should not be eating.

  • Barbara Strugar says:

    I hope to witness lab meat in production before my time on earth is over. I would go with a smile on my face, knowing factory farming was at an end. Thank to hose who are making this a reality.

  • tricia says:

    just a comment :BRAVO!

  • Nicholas Gysi says:

    Fingers crossed, this could be good.

  • Laura Morros says:

    This are great news I saw the moment of the test in the News real in Switzerland, I only hope that it gets fast into manufacture and at an affordable price to convince meat eaters, I am all for it, even if I do not eat meat, I am ready to try it to convince anybody around me!!!

  • Linda Price says:

    A step forward for humanity

  • Michelle says:

    This is simply fantastic. I’m not likely to sample it myself, but it could make a massive difference in the future of animal suffering and death. I knew the future was compassion. Eventually, The idea of killing an animal will almost be on par with killing a human. It may be a hundred years away, but It will happen. The planet will thank us. We will also have more money/land/water to produce not only food for the west but food for starving nations.

  • Jeremy Stanek says:

    Looks like a good idea to me and the planet.

  • Cindi Scholefield says:

    Can’t happen soon enough for me. Although the livestock owners won’t be pleased. The world will just have to learn to live a different way, and I hope it will teach them more compassion. We will look on as we munch our veggies. Hooray PETA. Keep up the good work till there are no more cows tortured and slaughtered.

  • Sam says:

    That’s great. Now we have an answer to save our precious and angel animals, especially from those who say they need meat. That’s PETA for being at the forefront on this and to save all animals.

  • Elle says:

    I find this interesting because it would prevent killing animals and cutting down forests to make room for grazing cows. This could be a “positive” invention.

  • Sue lynch says:

    This us a great infant fantastic idea. I Givevit thumbs up and it help saves our precious animals also more to the point I can see this as a real way forward!! Animal rights here we go another leap in the right direction! Great news lets make it a future prospect!

  • Alma says:


  • Ingrid Shaw says:

    Well done-brilliant and about time!