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Eyewitness Reports Injured and Suffering Animals at Lazy 5 Ranch

Written by Jennifer O'Connor | March 4, 2014

A visitor to North Carolina’s Lazy 5 Ranch has reported appalling new examples of animal neglect at the facility, including two cranes with large bloody open wounds and what appears to be exposed bone, an obviously distressed pygmy zebu (a species of cow) who bellowed continuously and whose calf, as PETA later learned, had been taken away from her, and many other animals who were being forced to live in decrepit conditions and/or who were in apparent need of medical attention.

Crane with bloody wing at Lazy 5 Ranch

Llama with matted hair at Lazy 5 Ranch

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) has cited Henry Hampton, the owner of Lazy 5 and another menagerie in Ohio called The Farm at Walnut Creek, for dozens of violations of federal animal-protection laws over the years, including allowing a giraffe to die after her head became stuck in an improperly closed gate, failing for more than a year to treat a giraffe who had grotesquely overgrown hooves, and allowing a baboon to suffer from a swollen and oozing eye for at least 17 months. In 2012, a camel bit a child visiting the zoo because there were no barriers to prevent public contact with the animal.

Once again, PETA is asking the USDA to investigate conditions at the Lazy 5 Ranch immediately and take appropriate action.

What You Can Do

If you ever see any animal in trouble at an animal exhibit, call PETA and local authorities right away. If your child’s school takes field trips to animal exhibits, ask the principal to take students to a museum or an IMAX documentary instead.

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  • Kaile Rizzo says:

    We were there 3 weeks ago. One of the donkeys had severely neglected feet. After seeing that, it raised concerns about the health and care of the other animals.

  • Megan says:

    Me and my cousin were there a week or so ago. We enjoyed it……. But…We were concerned about the rhino, he had no water or food and was laying there in the little bit of shade he had, he wasn’t moving… He was acting like is was sick… Then we saw a few animals with their fur messed up. We think they should have more places to drink for the animals… There is a few creeks and water hole but the smaller animals aren’t gonna drink out of them as well as the bigger animals….

  • teanah r says:

    I do enjoy going here..but these reports are correct..they take in alot of money and I’ve seen alot of animals in here suffering. Ive never seen anyone even caring for the animals. They need to be shut down until they put these animals first..

  • rebbecca says:

    We went a few weeks ago and we were concerned about the Rhino. It had no food or water any where nor did it have any shade to get in. It was laying there looking lifeless. It was a very bad situation to me and my family.

  • I think this place should be shut down and all the animals placed in zoos or somewhere they will be taken care of. PETA needs to keep checking on these animals and make sure something is done!

  • Lacey says:

    I unfortunately live quite close to the lazy 5 ranch…. I’ve been to this place twice, and each time I’ve said this same thing. They def do not take care of their animals. The last time I was there I saw a pig foaming at the mouth and lying on its side having seizure like activity… When I reported it to staff no one cared, I went back to check on the pig and he/she was unresponsive…..sad, this place needs to be closed down!

  • How cruel is that I hope he is prosecuted for this SHOCKING ACT.

  • This is unacceptable and all these places should be boycotted until they clean up their act.
    The USDA needs to get off their behinds and get busy enforcing the law instead of filing their nails and watching porno on the computer.

  • lorena says:

    Detengamos el sufrimiento de los animales en la medida de nuestras posibilidades, defendiendo a los animales de nuestro entorno, ayudandolos, dandoles agua y comida cuando podamos, localizandoles un hogar si necesitan. Los animales no tienen voz ni derechos, nosotros somos su voz. Ayudemosles.

  • Anne Grice says:

    This is outrageously disgusting and unacceptable. Is the USDA taking action against this deplorable ranch?

    • EYG says:

      The USDA is so useless, it is nothing but a paperwork repository. The animals could all die of starvation and all they would do would hand them some paperwork to fill out, promising not to do it again. Then Ohio would go after any animal welfare group that dared to document the cruelty on film, accuse them of being “terrorists” and demean them for trying to help. I am surprised the person who took this photo isn’t in jail by now. They don’t care.

  • How many violations of obvious abuse does it take to shut such a place down? Yes, Ohio has probably the worst animal protection laws in the states, particularly for exotics either kept as pets or being on display. The massacre from several years back where an owner let their exotics loose and then committed suicide comes to mind….when law enforcement officers had to kill 10s of innocent victims of the now dead “owner”. USDA may not have enough agents but there are many of us who would gain (under threat of death) the evidence necessary to stiffen laws and close these “menageries” down. This guy has been cited for years for cruelty and neglect. For the sake of the animals, CLOSE HIM DOWN. YOU HAVE ALL YOU NEED TO DO SO………