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Rocsi Diaz of ‘Entertainment Tonight’ Wows in Brussels Sprouts

Written by Michelle Kretzer | December 5, 2013

As the weekend host of Entertainment TonightRocsi Diaz knows entertainment backward and forward. So what does this bubbly vegetarian find entertaining? She likes to secretly replace her friends’ meat with mock meat and wait until they’re happily munching away to tell them that it’s faux.

The mischievous TV star started cutting animal products out of her diet when she was just a child, and by college, she was vegetarian. Now she wants the world to know how healthy and humane it is to stop eating animals. So Rocsi jumped at the chance to trade her red-carpet gowns for a Brussels sprouts bikini to star in a new ad just in time for the holidays:

Rocsi Diaz Holiday Veg Ad

During her shoot, Rocsi talked excitedly about what made her stop eating animals, how healthy she feels now, and how easy it is to go vegetarian.

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