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Protest Saves Horse From Slaughter

Written by PETA | October 18, 2010

Talk about fast results: When star PETA member Emily Lavender organized protests against horse slaughter across Canada earlier this month, one horse was saved on the spot!

Protesters outside a slaughterhouse in Québec spotted a man who was about to hand a horse over to be killed because he didn’t want to pay for a medical procedure that the horse needed. They begged the man to give the horse to a sanctuary instead of sending him to a painful and terrifying death, and the man finally agreed to let the concerned group take the horse.

With the help of generous donations, the horse (now named Joe) received his surgery and is currently at a foster home, where he is relishing the freedom to run and play. Joe’s former guardian used him for breeding, so he spent most of his life cooped up in a stall. Check out this happy horse!



When they stop winning races or become injured, many horses used for racing are sent to slaughterhouses in Canada, Mexico, or Japan. We can all help save horses like Joe from ending up as glue, dog food, or human food by never attending or watching horse races.

Written by Lindsay Pollard-Post

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  • Lori King says:

    This is absurd. We don’t need to kill any animals to have a healthy body. Do not allow this. It’s not what God intended. Our world has gone mad and we are destroying it for future generations.

  • tanya says:

    All the horse slaughter houses in the US had animal rights violations. Especially the one in Texas. So no, they had their chance, the plants can not be run humanely. Horses are not meant to be processed for meat on mass, they are too nervous and herd bound to ever relax during the kill process. Fast money is what fuels this train of torture.

  • Kris says:

    Not all slaughter houses are inhumane. If horses are sent to Mexico to be slaughtered they are hung from their heels, their throats slit and they are stabbed multiple times & left to hang until they completely bleed to death. If slaughter houses get shut down completely in the US then where would all the meat that Americans consume come from, well let’s take a look at that shall we. It would come from China where there we couldn’t monitor what the animals are being fed so we could be getting poisoned for all we know! Start doing some research, since horse slaughter has been banned in the US abuse on horses has increased and the market has plumetted through the floor. If you want to do something good for the horses start making it hard for people who have no idea what they are doing to breed horses. There are too many backyard breeders. If the slaughter houses were here in the US they could be monitored so they can be kept humane instead of them dying of horrible fates in Mexico. Start actually thinking about the horses instead of yourselves. Thank You!

  • Morgan Baudean says:

    The biggest problem with this add is it is not accurate

  • Angel says:

    Rusty, horses arent slaughter in the US, it is illegal here [for now]. they are being sent to Mexico, Canada, etc. The horses simple come here. They are slaughtered virtually the same way as cows, and this would not change whether it is done here or elsewhere. We have problems with the slaughterhouses in the US being inhumane, not sure if you are aware of that

  • Angel says:

    Emily, I dont know where you get your [mis]information, but there are virtually NO penalties for owners or trainers that sell to slaughter. It is their property. Its as simple as sending the horse to auction. Please become more informed before you post inaccuracies, thank you.

  • Rusty says:

    So you people would rather have horses be sent to horrifying conditions in Mexico, starved, and slaughtered than ethically and humanley killed in the US??

  • Horselover says:

    Please stop the killing of innocent horses ,we all love horses ,who could be so cruel as to kill a horse will u please try to get slaughter houses outlawed

  • Nora-V says:

    Re: Emily. Approximately 12,000 thoroughbreds are trucked to slaughterhouses in Canada and Mexico from the U.S. This is directly related to the appalling number of thoroughbreds born every year – 30,000 in the last year. Some years as many as 50,000. Not all can become racehorses. It may be true that most horses going to slaughter were owned by families/stables, but most thoroughbreds going to slaughter are former racehorses. The industry asks for a paltry $2 donation per horse toward retirement, which can’t begin to cover the cost of actually retiring the horses. So the racing industry isn’t responsible for all slaughter, but they’re responsible for the shocking number of cast-offs from their industry that do go to slaughter, not to mention the 3 deaths every single day on racetracks in the U.S. and many, many more off the track. -PETA

  • Emily says:

    What you fail to mention in this article is that the vast majority of horse racing is staunchly against the mistreatment and slaughter of horses after their racing days. Many racing jurisdictions have severe penalties in place for any owner or trainer who knowingly sells a horse to slaughter overseas (including being barred not only from racetracks, but the revocation of their racing licenses for life as well). Criticisms for slaughter would be better focused upon the AQHA and other related breed organizations who have taken public stances supporting slaughter. It is a despicable act, and a majority of the horses reaching slaughter are those once owned by families. Horses do not deserve this sort of treatment, but your blaming of one industry (who is actually working towards eradicating slaughter) is misguided.

  • PETA says:

    The reason for the “omission” is that there currently are no slaughterhouses operating in the U.S.

  • Rev. Meg Schramm says:

    Have PETA protestors thought of standing in front of theaters showing the movie “Secretariat” to inform the movie going public what happens to most racehorses when they retire?  They could hand out leaflets telling the story of Ferdinand.

  • John says:

    “When they stop winning races or become injured, many horses used for racing are sent to slaughterhouses in Canada, Mexico, or Japan.” They slaughter the most horses in the US. Why the omission?

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    Go veg—don’t eat meat of any kind. When you don’t eat murder you’ll feel a peace that perhaps you’ve never felt. I love all animals, including the ugly ones, but killing a horse, an animal which epitomizes grace and beauty, is particularly heinous. Much love to Emily and her team of animal warriors.

  • max says:

    killing a horse is the same as killing a child

  • Gaby says:

    I knew about horses being sent to slaughterhouses for glue and dog food, but I didn’t kno they were also made into human food! That is just disgusting!! I’m so happy I finally kicked meat out of my diet 7 months ago 🙂 I don’t have to worry about whether or not I’m eating a cow or a horse, not that it makes a diffrence. Either way, the animal suffered a horrible death. The horse slaughter should be stopped immediately, as well as all other forms of animal slaughter.

  • Astika says:

    i agree with Kayla. killing animals is worse than killing humans i think because animals are completely helpless.

  • Blondiee says:

    Please help end this unlawful killing of such wonderful animals. Stand up and be a voice for these horses and help make a difference 🙂

  • Julia Szczap says:

    why people do it ?? stop it !

  • Julia Szczap says:

    save horses !

  • Jakub Gola says:

    Please stop horse slaghter

  • Kayla says:

    how can people do this to animals and horses who haven’t done anything besides want love from us? Anyone who kills or injures an animal should be charged with murder otherwise it will never stop! They are all killers because animals are here to care for and love! Shame on humans for abusing them when that’s not our right nor is it fair. Think about if the situation were reversed.