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Philippine Airlines Caught Lying About Its Record of Cruelty

Written by PETA | June 14, 2013

Philippine Airlines is one of only three major airlines that still ship primates to laboratories where they are tormented and killed in cruel experiments, but you wouldn’t know it from talking to its representatives. Airline reps have recently been telling concerned PETA members who call their offices that they don’t ship monkeys and have not done so for a long time—but that’s a lie.

PETA has obtained documents that show that Philippine Airlines has shipped nearly 200 pig-tailed macaque monkeys from Indonesia to the University of Washington’s Washington National Primate Research Center in Seattle within the past 12 months alone. The documentation is crystal clear, containing invoices, tracking numbers, flight numbers, and many other details. There may be other such shipments as well.

Because of the growing pressure from PETA and its supporters around the world, Philippine Airlines could no longer ignore the issue and released a statement on its website and Facebook page that read, “Philippine Airlines is not engaged in the transport of wild, endangered or threatened animals, regardless of their purpose.” Yet the pig-tailed macaques it sent to the hellish laboratory mentioned above are widely considered a threatened species. When PETA and PETA Asia-Pacific e-mailed and called Philippine Airlines asking that the airline explain the discrepancy between the records and its new statement, it quietly removed the statement from its website and Facebook. 

What You Can Do

Clearly, Philippine Airlines is hearing our international protests loud and clear, and we need to keep it up to make sure that it gets out of the monkey business for good. Please call the ticket and cargo offices at the numbers below and politely tell the representative that you will not be giving any business to Philippine Airlines until it stops shipping monkeys to laboratories:





If you’re told that the airline has already stopped, ask the representative to tell you and PETA in writing.

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  • Mary Ann Roush says:

    STOP the experimentation of all animals! It’s cruel and unnecessary!

  • carina says:

    This is very Cruel



  • J. Müller says:

    I hope someday the people who do that, will feel the same like the poor monkeys!

  • Urszula says:

    love Animals please!

  • PARI' says:

    Hi, I just called the LA cargo # & the lady cut me off & said “we know that already” when I told her I was calling to ask them to ban the shipment of primates. I tried to speak & I was very calm & high tone but she cut me off again & said ok we know, have a nice day when I was trying to ask her a question! I wanted to ask her if she knew about the track record of the lab where these animals are being sent but then she hung up! Very rude! I then called the SF # & I left a message & asked my question there. I also told them about the rude lady on the phone in LA & that this isn’t very good PR for them. Obviously, they’ve gotten a lot of calls so they’re irritated but that means a lot of people have been calling which is great! I hope they don’t want to bother with these shipments anymore in light of all this trouble! More importantly, I hope more of their staff are in the know about this now & voice their opinions on the matter.

  • Yitka says:

    I will not support a company that causes suffering to animals

  • Mrs Joanne Blackmore says:

    Stop shipping these Monkeys to a life of hell. This is a disgraceful act on your behalf. Stop!

  • Teuschl Jürgen says:

    We as a developed society should not tolerate such archaic, cruel and unnecessary practices like animal research. The missing empaty towards other species by those responsible is obvious and does not fit the value concept of a modern society.

  • Paolo Natili says:


  • Helena Haajanen says:

    I am very disappointed in Philippine Airlines:PETA has obtained documents that show that Philippine Airlines has shipped nearly 200 pig-tailed macaque monkeys from Indonesia to the University of Washington’s Washington National Primate Research Center in Seattle within the past 12 months alone.

  • Michaela Kayser says:

    Stop supporting cruelty!

  • Mary Johnson says:

    This MUST stop!!

  • Tiziana Molendi says:

    Sop vivisection, stop transport of monkeys for vivisection !!!!!!

  • Atiye says:

    love Animals please!

  • elisa fuentes says:

    Primates free!!! pleasee

  • Claudia Markart says:

    Please stop the monkey business.

  • melania doddo says:


  • grace says:

    let these creatures free they have as much right to freedom as us.

  • grace says:

    let these creatures free they have as much right to freedom as us.

  • Haydé Ardalan says:

    I am disgusted to hear and see such an activity as stealing these monkeys and transporting them from their peaceful lives to hellish laboratories…. how inhumane can an airline be to accept such traffic!? I have no words to express my shame on human beeings !!!! Shame on you Philippine Airlines we will make very bad publicity for your airline until you end this without lies!!!!!!

  • antonio zoccali says:

    stop violence!

  • Vanja Hathcock says:

    My family and friends travel very frequently and I would make sure no one ever purchases tickets or any other services from Philippine Airlines.

  • Anne Grice says:

    To the Director of Philippines Airlines. We are disgusted and outraged that you are involved in such sickening animal cruelty by secretly transporting monkeys to a life time of torture, abuse, cutting up and killing for useless research by people who call themselves researchers. Humans have never benefited from any research done on monkeys. These labs to where you transported these innocent monkeys use them simply for their personal psychopathic pleasure and to defraud the government for tax payers money. You have deceived the public for evil monetary gain and now innocent monkeys are tortured. You obviously have no decency and is dishonest and I find it difficult to ever use your airlines to fly on as I am now concerned about what else you have lied about? This is a shameful evil act on your behalf and no one appreciates this offence. So please you should return these monkeys back to where they belong.

  • Jagdish Mittal says:

    Shipping of Monkeys to Labs must be stopped with immediate effect.

  • Tracy Johnson says:

    Unbelievable cruelty.

  • penny says:

    Please stop supplying animals for experiments…they feel pain, please let them live free and take a step forward in realizing these animals are not for any price!!!.. Please become part of the solution instead of part of the problem!

  • against testing on animals says:

    It is also important to educate people in Philippine and to do so boycott Philippine Airline is not enough. Claim the National Tourist Board of Philippine and stop going to Philippine for vacation. Hotels and restaurant may be frustrated by the wrongdoings of the airline.

  • Merryla Fidler says:

    Please do stop shipping animals for suffering. Please follow compassion and not just the$. Thank you in advance. Merryla Fidler

  • Monkeysforlife says:

    This really needs to stop!!!

  • Anna Alberghini says:

    Stop cruelty towards primates Stop vivisection, is ubereable!!!!!

  • Kathryn Quillen says:

    Please stop sending endangered primates to their death in research laboratories. All countries who engage in animal cruelty, research, exploitation & abuse (including my own country) has a long way to go before they are moral & humane. Human character is judged by the way we treat our animals.

  • Gabriele Vinai says:


  • Claudia Adamson says:

    Despicable business practice. How can you possibly justify such behavior?

  • sylvie lemmet says:


  • betty says:

    I will not be giving any business to Philippine Airlines until it stops shipping monkeys to laboratories

  • Nada Horska says:

    Incredible! Stop this cruelty!

  • marianne says:

    Why is it so hard in this world to stop all the cruelty what is going on with animals. It is so sad. They can’t defend themselfs.stop this.

  • Angelina says:

    Animals that are supplied in the laboratory for experiments, and are appalling. Their life is like on the stay of prisoners to konslagere. Every day, they are subjected to a terrifying ordeal. It is time to put an end to this! This is not necessary. It is not enough laboratories have switched to alternative methods without animals.

  • PurpleGrape07 says:

    very upsetting and heartbreaking that they would lie about something like this. I hope next time they release a statement saying they no longer transport animals, its in fact the truth.

  • carlos Trujillo says:

    Is time to stop use animal to do this you better use the people who works in the lab.

  • Bea Hardt says:


  • Anna Giannini says:

    Please stop this cruel practice immediately

  • Nancy Freyer says:

    Stop shipping monkeys to laboratories!

  • Vladimir Shuisky says:

    Stop it!

  • Peggy Malnati says:

    I was so disappointed to learn your airline is still shipping primates to facilities like the National Primate Research Center in the State of Washington, USA where these highly intelligent, social animals are subjected to the cruelest experiments. Until your airline confirms in writing and to the public at large that it will never again ship primates for torture and experimentation, I will avoid flying it whenever I travel to and within Asia. I sincerely hope you will reconsider and do the humane thing by refusing such business.

  • rakic el bied says:

    horreur humaine, honte a l’home

  • Guidon Guggenheim says:

    Ban shipments of primates destined for laboratories

  • bourgerie says: