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A PETA Story You’ll Never See in the News

Written by Michelle Kretzer | April 27, 2012

A PETA Community Animal Project (CAP) fieldworker spotted a lone pit bull sitting in a trash-strewn patch of dirt behind what appeared to be an abandoned house. A heavy chain was wrapped around his neck, preventing him from reaching even a single blade of grass. He had no food or water, and his dilapidated doghouse had no floor. When the fieldworker offered him a big bowl of water, the dog lapped it up as if it were the first drink he’d had in a very long time.


Knowing she couldn’t legally take the dog, whom she was calling “Dusty” because of his dirty surroundings, the fieldworker forced herself to leave—but not before she left plenty of dog food with the neighbor and implored him to continue to feed Dusty and give him water.

A public-records property search yielded the homeowner’s name, and when the fieldworker called him, he said that he was having work done on the house and would be moving back in soon. He refused to part with Dusty but let PETA replace the heavy metal chain with a lightweight tie-out, give Dusty a new doghouse, and move him to a grassy area.

While he still isn’t living indoors with his family—the kind of life every dog deserves—Dusty is at least more comfortable. When fieldworkers check on him, he has food and water, and his owner has agreed to have him neutered in PETA’s mobile clinic. 

Their stories rarely make headlines, and in fact, many people aren’t even aware of how much suffering PETA fieldworkers spare animals like Dusty every day. But PETA can’t do it alone. If there is a Dusty in your neighborhood, please alert animal control. And if officials are unresponsive, please contact PETA for help. We will never turn our back on an animal in need.

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  • Doglover33 says:

    That’s animal abuse as far as I see it and the dog should have been removed and placed in a propper home, why the hell do those people HAVE a dog, they have no relationship with it, it can’t protect the house tied to a cow chain and they don´t even give it the minimum of care. The human race never ceases to disappoint me

  • Chas T says:

    In britain the RSPCA would have been called in and the owner charged with neglect with the possibilty of a fine and not allowed to keep animals for a number of years.

  • Di says:

    That poor, poor creature! I can’t believe he was just left behind like that. And left in such terrible conditions. This isn’t a happy ending. Not for Dusty. So long as he is living with that neglectful person he will never get the treatment he deserves.

  • m.cecilia dallari says:

    Nice Dusty!

  • Marlena T says:

    Poor Dusty…How could anyone leave him outside without food, water, and proper shelter? A chain around his neck? No soft grass under his feet? How absolutely cruel!! Thank God for the kind woman who assisted him in his time of need. This owner really does not care about Dusty…makes me very sad…wish I had him!!! Bless the good people out there who will assist helpless animals in need….

  • hippychic63 says:

    its not so much a happy ending as that poor dog is not being treated with the love and respect it deserves its great that there are carring people like this woman who helped this poor dog. although i agree the dog would have disapeared to a better life in the middle of the night shame on that heartless man

  • craig says:

    That person should never be allowd to own another animal inhe’s Life, And it shows that he does not care about looking after the DOG, so then why should the DOG suffer,,,I have pitbull’s, and i tell you what they get the best care a person can give,,they stay in side at night,,they allways have fresh food and water, and most of all they have all the love they need, So comeon people let’s not try and avoid the situation,,, If you cant look after any animal,,,,be a man and do the rite thing(It’s not that HARD)

  • Marianne Baeckelandt says:

    Yes,God bless people who take time to help.He does not deserve a animal.I would have cut the chain and taking him home. He left the animal behind.I like to put this person for some time on this chain.

  • Cindy Roett says:

    Forcibly removing the dog will not change the owner into becoming a caring,responsible and less ignorant person.He would probably just replace the dog.After animals are PLACED with people they should be tracked just as a registered post office package is tracked.If up to date health care is not registered by a vet on a national program then an Alert should be registered that the animal is not receiving adequate care.

  • Irene Leggett says:

    How I agree with an earlier comment. The dog could have ‘just disappeared’ one night, but kudos to the person who, at least, managed to get the dog’s circumstances improved. Let’s hope the ‘owner’ carries on the good work.

  • Magan Kight says:

    More power to the woman who did this, bless your heart. After seeing the condition of the dog’s “home”, the chain, and how happy he was to get that water, I would’ve just found a way to cut the chain and take the dog. If the owner didn’t care to think about his dog, why should I care to think about his feelings? But that’s just me..I’m very passionate, hehe. 🙂 Great job once again! I hope the idiot takes better care of the poor dog when he moves back in.

  • Jennifer Hofmann says:

    God bless peole who take there time to help Dusty. Its nice to hear a happy ending.

  • Ste J says:

    You’re all doing good work!!! ;*D Thanks! ;*D