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A Chicky for Ricky: PETA Pays Meatout Tribute to Ricky Martin

Written by PETA | March 20, 2013

How delighted was PETA when musical sensation Ricky Martin announced that he’s been enjoying vegetarian meals? So much so that we’ve sponsored a rescued chicken in his honor at Kindred Spirits Sanctuary—just in time for The Great American Meatout today, a day when everyone is encouraged to enjoy healthful and humane vegan foods.


Of course, we encourage folks to do that year-round, and we’re jubilant when people decide to make plant-based foods a regular part of their lives—even if they haven’t recently been voted Broadway’s Sexiest Man Alive or sold 60 million albums worldwide.

You, too, can pay tribute to animals and help alleviate their suffering by choosing healthful, humane vegan foods. Make every day a “meatout” and order a free vegan starter kit today! 

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