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Opossum to Be Terrorized for New Year’s Eve

Written by Lindsay Pollard-Post | December 16, 2011

glenn_e_wilson | cc by 2.0

Ah, New Year’s Eve. Staying up late, sipping bubbly, singing “Auld Lang Syne,” and … scaring the daylights out of an opossum? Unfortunately, yes, that last one happens every year at the New Year’s Eve “Opossum Drop” in Brasstown, North Carolina. During the cruel event, a live opossum is suspended above a raucous crowd in a Plexiglas box for hours before being “dropped” about 40 feet in a redneck variation of New York City’s Times Square ball drop.

The opossum used in this event was snatched from her natural home—a terrifying and disorienting experience—and is reportedly confined to a retail store until the event. During the “drop,” the frightened animal will be subjected to a screaming crowd, fireworks, and the firing of muskets, which can damage her sensitive hearing and respiratory system. It’s no wonder that eyewitnesses have reported that opossums used in previous years were shaking in fear. After the event, the opossum apparently will be released in a parking lot, putting her in danger of being hit by a car.

After PETA alerted North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission (NCWRC) officials to the fact that the event’s organizer, Clay Logan, didn’t have the necessary permit to keep a wild animal, they hurriedly created a new type of permit for Logan, blatantly ignoring captivity permit or license requirements, including the requirement that animals receive humane treatment.

Please politely urge NCWRC officials to revoke the illegally issued permit for this cruel event. There’s no reason to be cruel, and the Opossum Drop would be fun and safe for everyone if a toy opossum were used instead.

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  • DG says:

    DISGUSTING. Terrorizing, traumatizing a shy creature in the name of “entertainment” = sick. This is not ok. I commend PETA & others for trying to stop this.

    Gee, and here I was thinking/hoping that human beings might be growing, evolving into more conscious creatures. Sigh, truth is = Some do, some don’t; some will, some won’t. And in the meantime? Endless creatures must suffer because there are all too many selfish human predators in our midst. To them, it’s just an opossum right? Just a dumb animal, right? Wrong. Dumb humans instead.

    How would they like it were some huge giants to toss them into a small, clear box??? Then, the giants try to explain to the tiny humans how “this won’t hurt”….”you’ll be ok”….”we promise to let you go when we are done terrorizing you”….denying that the humans don’t understand giant-speak.

    THEN! The box gets lowered….the noises SCREAM so LOUDLYLOUDLY…lights are FLASHINGFLASHING, blindingly bright…the box sways …

    Gosh, I want to drive over there & save this poor creature right now! Arggghhhh….

    ~Happy New Year, almost, to those w/heart, conscience & actions that match. ♥

  • Nora Lindqvist says:

    It is mindblowing that stuff like this actually happens. If I were there I would feel so sick to my stomach that the whole new years eve would be ruined. And these people enjoy watching this? Well get some other entertainment becouse this is animal cruelty and not accepted by reasonable people..

  • ylisabet2 says:

    While I am not an advocate for using wildlife (stuffed or otherwise) for these types of events, I would like to commend the event organizers at the Tallapoosa, Ga ‘Possum Drop’ for not using a live opossum at their annual NYE event! Unfortunately, my home state of North Carolina is not nearly as progressive as our neighboring state! Our NC legislators and event organizers for the Brasstown, NC event are clearly not ‘up to speed’ regarding animal rights …. totally disregarding them as ‘sentient beings.’ Just because you do not understand a species does not make it ‘dumb’….it merely reflects our inability to fully understand it! That reflects our ignorance…not theirs!!! Empathy, Compassion, Respect for Wildlife …this is the message we should be sending our young people. What’s the point of saving our planet for future generations if they don’t understand the other creatures they co-exist with? Please STOP the use of a ‘live’ opossum at this event! Go to .. Sign & Share the “Say NO to the Possum Drop in NC” petition! Thank you for making a positive difference!

  • Linda S. says:

    Sounds like a bunch of inbred, morons similiar to some of the characters in “Deliverance”. This has got to stop. I would rather you string up one of the idiots involved in this horror and drop him/her like they are doing to the opossum. This is disgusting and heartless. Any law inforcement official involved in this should be fired immediately. You are a bunch of half-witted rednecks.

  • !aril says:

    Please DROP the “Opossum Drop”—I urge our representatives to make compassionate, informed, enlightened, humane and legal decisions and, in this case, to revoke the illegally issued permit for this cruel and ridiculous “opossum drop” event. There’s no reason to tolerate blatant cruelty to animals. Animals are not toys! Humane alternatives (e.g., toy or animatonic opossums) exist. Representatives of the people should serve as leaders and as exemplary examples of conduct. Such events are egocentric, infantile, and inhumane! And officials who play with our laws should be duly punished: banished from public service and fined. There is no reason that we, the citizens, should tolerate such disrespect for our legal system!

  • Marsha says:

    This is animal abuse OMG how cruel it is

  • Vicky says:

    I have e mailed Cobb and the automated respnse tells me that he will be out of office until January. How can people like this be given sham permits and WHY, I only e mailed them before in the last month when I heard about this vicious game.I think that the good people in North Carolina should try to have it stopped and pressure the law to uphold the law. PLEASE

  • Adair Leonard says:

    What kind of twisted minds thought this up! Do they not know the meaning of having compassion for innocent, helpless animals! This is really sick and needs to be stopped at once.

  • Anne says:

    Unfortunately, I just read about this tonight, Dec, 29th! I wish I had received an email sooner! I emailed the wildlife commissioners on behalf of the opossum. and immediately received an automatic response from David Cobb, saying he is out of the office until Jan. 2. I hope Clay Logan’s license has been revoked! Any updates?

  • voicefor animals says:

    YES!!! I have called Clay’s Corner and everyone seeing this NOW, should CALL NOW!!! The number is:828-837-3797. I talked to 3 different people and the last guy said that the opossum was NOT traumatized by this event!!! WOW!!! REALLY??!! Just because it didn’t “roll over & play dead”!!! WOW!!! He also said they had been doing this for 16 years or so. I began to say it was the 21st century and we should have “evolved” by now and that Spain banned Bull fighting in Barcelona and other regions of Spain, etc. when he cut me off and said someone else was calling, hopefully someone else complaining about the opossum!! SO CALL!!! 828-837-3797. Be prepared to answer questions about opossums! Such as; the gestation period is 11 days, they don’t get rabies and when threatened play “dead”, but apparently sometimes they DON’T!!! Could that be because it is TO scared!!?? Maybe because it can’t cause it’s in a box?????

  • Katja fuchs says:

    When does it stop? When do the “humans” know that animals feel the same pain like we do?? When does it stop???????

  • Joanne Van Ee says:

    There are laws in other countries. Get with the times!

  • Jambrina Sakellaropoulo says:

    It’s sickening to read of such needless cruelty. Anyone in his right mind would find this sadistic behavior repulsive and unacceptable. I fervently hope this person will come to his senses, or be legally prosecuted and penalized to the full extent of the law!!

  • lucia says:

    please stop tormenting animal for good

  • Penny Collier says:

    North Carolina you need be ashamed of yourselves in every sense of the word. Doing this is just totally wrong and unjustified. What you are doing is cruel and considered animal abuse . IT IS NOT OK to do this what so ever. I hope all who attend this event go to jail for your an accessory and contributing to this poor animals abuse..Its uncalled for. How would you like to be hung up in a tree or whatever HOURS before being dropped from whatever height. I bet you wouldnt like it at all…I just bet you… I hope your children grow up to learn to not be cruel to animals, unlike yourselves,, BARBARIANS thats what you all are. GROW UP and find something more traditional…like Ohhh a New Years Eve party at home or at a friends home..NOT ABUSING a poor defencless animal. again ill say it..Barbarians..

  • Lisa says:

    I hope PETA will keep us informed as to what happens to this poor little girl she must soo frightened right now, i hope to god someone comes to her rescue.

  • Karen says:

    I sent them an email from this site but I could not send it due to your process about asking about the servers. I have NO IDEA what the server stuff is and that should not be required to have an account. If you can help me, I can resend the long email I penned to the people who can change this.


    I cannot believe what I just read, words cannot describe this pain I am feeling for these poor creatures. Why they let them do this?

  • Gina says:

    OMG this is dispicable! How on earth can people live this way? Stupid is as stupid does!

  • cara petricca says:

    seriously, after reading article after article of depressing animal abuse, I volunteer to have MYSELF dropped for this event. I am continually disappointed in mankind on a daily basis ((sigh))

  • Natalie says:

    This is absolutely zero respect for life. What a bunch of inhumaine hillbillys!!!! This needs to be stopped!!

  • Rita Cross says:

    What a disgusting display of human ignorance! This guy is breaking the law and must be stopped now!

  • Jennifer Roeglin says:

    UNACCEPTABLE!!! PLEASE do not allow this to happen!!! People have absolutely NO right to do something like this to another living creature!

  • Lynn Smith says:

    I just sent e-mails to the higher ups, that were posted for that state. They should be ashamed of themselves. You’re right what comes around goes around. I totally believe in that. They should all be shot for agreeing to that. That poor possum.

  • Benjamin Harding says:

    I am stunned that human beings need to be told not to participate in pointless animal cruelty such as this. The N.C. authorities must step up and stop this inhumane tradition. What an embarrassment to the entire state of North Carolina. Only people with no respect even for themselves would feel the need to terrify a defenseless creature.

  • PaulAnthonyDFW says:

    Come’s going to be 2012..let’s act halfway educated and civil North Carolina1

  • deidra says:

    Unreal. Get a life, people! Poor ‘possum.

  • darrelle says:

    this makes me sick

  • Margaret Mary Bennett says:


  • Christina says:

    This is just STUPID. Don’t human beings have ANY decent methods to celebrate the New Year besides using animalsfor their amuzment? Just absolutely stupid.

  • parhiscan says:

    How backward is this place to call this good wholesome fun and the epicenter of entertainment. Just sitting here I here in the safety of my office I can hear those Deliverance banjoes playing. My ex was in the service and our oldest daughter was born in NC. I feel ashamed that I did that to her. Come on into the 21st century torture is not entertainment. It is just sick and you are teaching your children to be cruel to animals.

  • debbie siegel says:


  • Jodie St Jean says:

    Shame on North Carolina!!! Find a tradition that doesnt cause unnecessary cruelty!

  • Kathy Perkins says:

    This is an utterly insane action that hurts animals for people’s sick pleasure. I cannot even imagine what kind of disgusting person is involved with this. Frankly, I think turn-about is fair play!!!

  • allfurone says:

    Simply put, this is NOT okay, or acceptable. Sadly, this IS the mentality of the majority of people who choose to remain in a circle of ignorance. Why not stay home with someone you love. Wouldn’t that be so much more productive (and humane)?

  • Elizabeth Young says:

    Please, everyone contact the North Carolina Wildlife Commission to stop this!! The website is Email, call… WHATEVER it takes. This man has a USDA license for the opossum, but he is trapping opossums with dogs ( by his own admission!) and his means for obtaining the animals is ILLEGAL! NC law states that wildlife can only be kept for educational purposes, if they are treated humanely and if an animal is deemed non-releasable, and that animal has to be permitted through the state of North Carolina!

  • Peggy says:

    North Carolina should be better than this! Show some humanity, compassion, and empathy. This is torture, pure and simple!

  • Xénia Edvinsson says:

    PLEASE stop this cruel and inhuman act. What kind of person would find this entertaining?!


    Stop this barbaric act on a poor innocent creature. You should be ashamed of yourselves.

  • Laura Trotta says:

    Please do not allow holiday celebrants to DROP an animal to mark the arrival of the new year. PLEASE, do not let this happen. Please prevail on the people who have had this mistaken idea. Seriously i will never be able to think of your state again with any pleasure if you allow this to happen. Always the image of a terrified animal waiting to die horribly will be the first thing that comes to mind when i think of North Carolina.

  • Animalshavesouls says:

    Sick pigs! Leave these poor helpless animals alone!

  • Madina Bogdanova says:

    It’s so barbarian! Heloooooooooo! It’s 21st century here!!!

  • billy williams says:

    This is so sick!-Anyone taking part in it should be ashamed of themselves!-Wish i lived in NC so i could go protest this,What kind of sick,twisted,future serial killer would do something like this?-Sickening!

  • Angela Beitia says:

    What kind sick event is this!!!??? Why must people torture and kill innocent animals!! This must be stopped. This is not the ancient times, where people had no brains and acted themself like animals??? I believe people are the animals. We need to define who should be called animals, in this day and age.

  • donya says:

    this is really unethical, stop this immediately!!

  • darby callahan says:

    shame on you brasstown! this is cruel, stupid and just plain ridulous. certainly you can come up with better ways to bring in the new year.

  • Antonio Calabria says:

    Please help stop this!

  • linda says:

    Nothing like reinforcing ugly stereotypes about the mentality of people in the U.S. south. Way to go North Carolina. It is impossible for me to imagine the workings of a mind sadistic and twisted enough to enjoy such a thing. Shame on all who even consider participating.