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Melissa Etheridge on Meat/Breast Cancer Link

Written by PETA | October 5, 2011

It’s National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and in a recent interview with Access Hollywood, breast cancer survivor and Grammy-winning singer/songwriter Melissa Etheridge spoke out about the role of diet in preventing cancer. ”Our own western lifestyle is one of the reasons that half of us have cancer,” she said. “[T]he meats, the processed foods … and it’s really taxing us, and that’s why we’re seeing this epidemic.”

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The research backs up Etheridge’s view that there is a link between diet and breast cancer. Results from a 26-year study following 86,000 U.S. nurses suggest that women who eat diets high in plant-based foods are less likely to develop certain breast tumors. A 2007 study of more than 35,000 women found that women who ate the most meat had the highest risk of breast cancer.

Etheridge says changes in her diet have made her healthier now than she’s ever been, and she’s not the only one who can benefit from a diet rich in plant-based foods. This month, urge the women in your life to check out the delicious meat-free fall recipes on PETA’s “Living” page. And if you participate in breast cancer charity events, remember to make sure that the charity you’re supporting doesn’t fund cruel, archaic experiments on animals


Written by Heather Faraid Drennan


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  • Martin Miller says:

    I have been diagnosed with cancer. I’ve altered my diet and done a lot of research (read 6000 abstracts and studies) I support the assertion that certain foods can contribute to cancer and that certain foods and phytochemicals (I’ve found about 400 so far) can help prevent and inhibit cancer. This has not been the easiest road of my life and I have sympathy for fellow travelers on it. martin

  • I Love Peta says:

    Sure as a fly on a a prairie patty . Whose common sense doesn’t tell them that eating cholesterol loaded animals treated like garbage thrown in a garbage can, with bad abused fats loaded cholesterol, is not the leading cause of health problems associated with death, not to include the spiritual death. Abuse gluttons sure didn’t get clogged arteries from eating your lettuce.