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Meatless Monday Raises Sen.’s Blood Pressure

Written by Alisa Mullins | July 26, 2012

Iowa Sen. Chuck Grassley is apparently anxious to show his campaign contributors that he will fight to the death (literally, perhaps) over Americans’ right to be sick and fat. Sen. Grassley has attacked the conservative Meatless Monday program, which the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) was promoting as a way to encourage its staffers to eat healthier and protect the environment. But the USDA has withdrawn the initiative, opting instead to prove that it is the servant of agribusiness and let its employees pay the price. PETA has hit back with a “Meat-Free Mondays Through Sundays” campaign.

The USDA inadvertently set off a firestorm of controversy earlier this week when it promoted the Paul McCartney–endorsed Meatless Monday program on its website. But the move was publicly blasted by the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association, after which the department yanked the promo, mumbling something about not receiving the proper “clearance,” as if encouraging good health and environmental protection were a covert spy mission or something.

Apparently not content with that backpedal, Sen. Grassley, a legislator from a beef-belt state, vowed to “eat more meat on Monday” in an attempt to singlehandedly (forkedly?) make up for the meat that conscientious USDA workers might be planning to forgo on the first day of the workweek.

We’re taking bets (place yours in the comments section below) on how long it will take Sen. Grassley to succumb to heart disease, diabetes, cancer, or some other meat-related disease.

“From his reaction, it seems like a pretty safe bet that he’s already got high blood pressure,” says PETA President Ingrid E. Newkirk. “Were he a physician instead of a politician who truly puts his rancher money where his mouth is, he’d be guilty of malpractice.”

Make Every Day Meatless

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  • FH says:

    It’s unfortunate that a topic such as meat has started such a firestorm of controversy. It’s ultimately a decision and choice that can never be enforced, what you can and can not eat. People should look at the health benefits regarding meat, not just the political implications, or who it’s going to support or not. Meatless Mondays is a nice slogan, and if it helps raise awareness of the dangers meat can cause, then good. But it shouldn’t condemn people for not agreeing.

  • Uncle B says:

    Sxheduled for a triple by-pass, see surgeons next week. Too much meat! My fault? no I didn’t know better. Please tell the world the cholesterol atory.

  • Ralph Sosser says:

    I wholeheartedly agree with your position on meat. But in my opinion, betting on when someone (anyone) will die is cruel.

  • Sandy Pandy says:

    Sen Grassley might end up with Mad Cow Disease … wouldn’t that be ironic?

  • Jeff says:

    Grassley is an ass. Correct me if I am wrong, but “heartland” farmers also raise crops. You know, vegetables. The US Department of AGRICULTURE is well within its rights to encourage people to eat more veggies. I say Grassley kicks it in 2015. Stroke. Good riddance.

  • Tricia says:

    I have always been an animal lover and as a kid I wanted to be a vegetarian (possibly vegan). My parents talked me out of it and so I grew up eating meat and got married to some one who is a meat and potatoes guy. Needless to say meat became a huge part of every meal. As an adult I was told that I have high blood pressure and high cholesterol. My Uncle passed away at age 34 (I am now 33) of a massive heart attack and it made me start to think long and hard about my health. I started dieting, but it seems that most diets have you go low carb and just eat lean meat. Then recently I ran across PETA’s 30 day challenge… I decided to take the pledge and I have not eaten any meat since the last day of June. I am in day 27, but I really want to make this permanent. By the way I have lost 5 pounds (which is a healthy loss), my blood pressure has regulated, and my cholesterol has dropped 40 points. I love my VEGGIES (if only I could get my husband to eat his)!!!

  • Jane says:

    Of course Meatless Mondays means that Americans buy more grains and produce from our fine American farmers that produce healthy food without cruelty. It looks like the disgusting meat industry wants to hurt the majority of American farmers- those who GROW the healthiest food on the planet!

  • Jeanette says:

    Its sad that they are caving into backlash but I’m glad they already put the meatless Monday word out, hopefully a lot of people saw it. I had seen this report on the news earlier and it stated the health problems associated with eating meat so at least that helped spread the word! Oh and I’m betting on Grassley getting heart disease 😉

  • Mimi says:

    It’s ironic that it’s alright for the beef industry and Grassley to promote and tell everyone beef is good for you so eat allot and as much as you can…Then when we herbavores (vegetarians) also tell our views to the public about people who got rid of their diabetes, heart disease, even cancer after changing our diet, Grassley shoots us down. Let him rant and rave the only one who will have health problems is him, probably his family and their generations forward! FYI – Friends of mine watched Fork over Knives and are now vegetarian. They have never felt better.