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Maker of Newport Cigarettes Bans Animal Tests

Written by Alisa Mullins | February 24, 2014

Lorillard Tobacco Company, the maker of Newport cigarettes and the third-largest manufacturer of cigarettes in the U.S., has issued a new policy banning all animal testing unless such tests become required by federal regulations in the future.

Cute Rat with Pink Flowers© Jody Boyman

The landmark move follows several years of discussions between Lorillard and PETA that culminated in a shareholder resolution submitted by PETA in December in which we pointed out the effectiveness of non-animal testing methods and asked the company to ban all non-required tests on animals. We withdrew our resolution after reaching the agreement with Lorillard.

In studies published as recently as 2012, though the actual experiments were conducted several years before, Lorillard reported cruel tests on rats in which the animals were forced to inhale cigarette smoke. In a new policy statement posted on its website, Lorillard says:

It is the policy of Lorillard, Inc. not to conduct or commission research involving animals and will in good faith otherwise not use animals unless necessary to meet regulatory requirements. In order to eliminate animal testing, Lorillard R&D will use scientifically accepted or validated alternative test methods and technologies that avoid the use of live animals.

The move makes Lorillard the largest tobacco company in the U.S. to have ended tests on animals and the second largest in the world, after the U.K.-based Imperial Tobacco.

PETA is keeping up the pressure on the two other tobacco giants—R.J. Reynolds and Philip Morris—to follow Lorillard’s lead and stop testing on animals.

R.J. Reynolds and Philip Morris have conducted tests in recent years in which animals were forced to inhale cigarette smoke, eat tobacco, and have cigarette tar smeared onto their bare skin. In addition to being cruel, these tests are not required by law and not applicable to humans, and superior non-animal tests are available.

PETA has filed shareholder resolutions with these companies similar to the one we filed with Lorillard. In the meantime, you can help put a stop to these tests by urging the Food and Drug Administration to follow the lead of other countries and ban all tobacco companies from conducting tests on animals.

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  • terry says:

    Stop the cruel animal test quickly!!!

  • Janet says:

    NON-REQUIRED TESTING?????? It’s ALL non-required. Cigarettes kill, nuf said.

  • christine stöckli says:

    Congrats go Newport!

  • Missy says:

    BaN this & all cruel testing

  • Christine rizzuto says:

    All right good Newport is what I smoke I’m proud of you

  • Christie says:

    I’ve switched to Newport from Marlboro, my gf and my mother have both switched from Philip Morris brands. We will not be a part of the monstrous things these company’s do

  • Ben says:

    Just curious, why was it worded that they will stop all NON-required animal tests? That suggests that there are required tests… If that’s the case, shouldn’t the fight for animal testing be at the federal level? Just looking for clarification.

  • Franco says:

    Congrats to Newport.

  • Eva Marianne says:

    Dont hurt the Animal so bad they have done nothing to you! They give your live to feed you!! Pigs and cow ex! So please STOP

  • grouci says:

    Je suis contre toute les experience envers les animaux!!

  • SAN says:


  • Anne Grice says:

    This is a humane initiative so thank you PETA. No animal deserve to the sickening cruelty in so called labs. It is unnecessary. Sharing so others will get the message its time to stop all animal testing!!

  • Chris says:

    They already KNOW the results of smoking, have done for DECADES, the cruel testing is probably some stupid & cruel tax dodge or goverment ruling !!

    I am a smoker. My question is WHY DO THEY NEED TO ADD ALL THESE POISONS in the first place ????????????? Tobacco is a natural plant like any other, WHY add chemicals to it unless you INTEND to create an addiction ????????

    Stop the barbarity to both animals & humans you greedy ***** ‘s.

  • Lisa Chassey says:

    Atrocities are no less atrocities when they occur in laboratories and are called research.

  • Ivanes Berroa says:

    This is insane. Please stop this cruelty practice, or otherwise, we, the citizens will protest to the government to stop this.

  • Sonia Ouchiha says:

    “Science sans conscience n’est que ruine de l’âme!” Francois Rabelais.

  • Anne Kathleen Nielsen says:

    This is just beyond sick!! Everyone knows the dangers of tobacco inhalation – why oh why force innocent animals to inhale it??? Beyond comprehensible!!!!

  • Cathy Mills says:

    This is disgusting–one of the worst pictures I have ever seen–what a hideous existence for these animals stuffed in a tube no bigger than themselves and forced to inhale smoke. How on earth do the people who do that go home at the end of the day and live as normal people?

  • marisol says:


  • diane says:

    there should be a law against all animal testing. God did not create animals for humans to abuse or for test subjects. god help those who do.

  • brenda says:

    We already know as the cig manufactors that cigs. cause lung cancer, COPD so what is the sense in torturing these animals NONE!