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PETA’s Latest Effort Against Linda Bean Drives Home the Point

Written by Michelle Kretzer | November 14, 2013

Update: A representative of Linda Bean’s Perfect Maine reports that the company is no longer slaughtering lobsters and crabs at a processing plant previously operated by Linda Bean’s Maine Lobster. It appears that a company called Harbor’s Maine Realty, LLC purchased the property, and Harbor’s Maine Lobster, LLC acquired the processing operation. It is unclear whether Linda Bean’s Perfect Maine is involved with the new companies, but among other indications of potential involvement, Linda Bean is still listed on the latest tax bill. Linda Bean’s Perfect Maine also continues to buy and sell live lobsters, and restaurants operated by the company sell live lobsters and lobster meat processed by other facilities.

Linda Bean is experiencing some pain at the pump. PETA has just plastered our “Linda Mean” ads on top of gas pumps across Maine, so drivers who stop to fill up their tanks will also get an eyeful as to how Bean allowed lobsters and crabs to be tortured at her Rockland slaughterhouse.

Linda Bean Gas Pump

The L.L.Bean heiress made a fortune selling lobsters and crabs to grocers as well as serving them at her Linda Bean’s Perfect Maine restaurants. So she certainly could have afforded to use a tiny portion of her profits to ensure that workers at her slaughterhouse electrically stunned and quickly killed crustaceans before starting to butcher them. But instead, Bean had workers rip live animals apart limb from limb.

PETA’s undercover investigation showed that workers tore off live lobsters’ claws and then used metal pipes to pry their heads from their bodies. Workers saved the tails and claws and dumped the still-living lobsters into the trash to die slowly. Employees slammed the crabs against sharp metal spikes to break off their top shells and then violently scrubbed off their exposed internal organs with spinning brushes. The crabs were slowly lowered, still alive, into boiling water.

And remember, the best thing that you can do for crustaceans is to refuse to eat them!

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  • anita vangelder says:

    Thank you for your letters and notices. Makes me proud to have joined Peta, and encourages me to help shut down the cruelty to animals.