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Kathleen Parker’s Dog-Perfect CNN Contract

Written by PETA | December 3, 2010

Like any responsible dog guardian, Kathleen Parker hates the idea of forcing her dog to sit at home alone all day. So the Washington Post columnist and costar of the CNN current events show Parker Spitzer reportedly inserted a clause into her contract that allows her to take Ollie, her blind, 5-pound poodle, to the set.  

Ollie, who was rescued from an animal shelter, even made an on-screen appearance in one episode.  

If, unlike Parker and many PETA staffers, you are unable to take your dog to work, you should be sure to arrange for someone—a trusted neighbor, friend, family member, or professional dog walker—to let him or her out for a much-needed potty break. If you can imagine trying to “hold it” all day, you may begin to understand why your dog is so thrilled to see you when you get home.

Written by Alisa Mullins

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  • Toby says:

    CNN did give airtime to a health insurance cartel created public-relations group which posed as a grass roots ‘people for responsible health’ group, or some false jargon, in order to criticise the message(s) of Michael Moore’s ‘Sicko’ BUT how good of Parker… good for her, I wouldn’t want to be home alone as a young child (similar to a dog in consciousness) if I were blind either. Very good.