Every Day Is ‘Take Your Dog to Work Day’ at PETA

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Today is National Take Your Dog to Work Day, which means that dogs across the U.S. left their casual doggie sweaters in the closet and opted for something a bit more business-like.

Here at 501 Front St., we are overflowing with lucky dogs who don’t have to wait for a special holiday to accompany their human companions into the office. They come to work every day, rain or shine, and diligently distract each and every employee by asking for belly rubs, distributing kisses, and just being so darn cute. Want to meet a few of them? Of course you do.




Tyler works in PETA’s Campaigns Department, but he routinely makes the rounds of the building. Tyler likes to sunbathe, but he’s conscious of his tan lines and will flip from side to side to ensure that he’s getting evenly toasty. Contrary to what you might think, he’s not as worried as he looks (he uses those wrinkles to his advantage—namely, to get treats).




Sugar, whose full name is Princess Sugar Pants, hangs out in the PETA Foundation’s Interactive Media Department. She was found cowering in the rain outside a local grocery store on Valentine’s Day 2007. She lives to gut every toy she’s given, play tug of war, give the sincerest doggy kisses, wrestle, and love on her human friends in the office. She can jump higher than any dog she’s ever met and can outrun most of them too!




Over in the Foundation’s Human Resources department, Whimsey rules the roost. She’s been coming into the office since 1998, and she loves playing in the PETA dog park. She can never get enough treats (especially peanut butter), and she even tries stealing them from other dogs around the office (they still love her anyway). Give her a high-pitched squeal and she’ll wiggle her butt with joy.


Cooper and Louie


Cooper and Louie help out the PETA Foundation’s Development Department on a daily basis. Louie is a wonder-genius and has repeatedly shown compassion to many other species by helping track down lost animals since she was a puppy. If you want to get her out of bed without giving her a belly rub, you’ll have to pick her up. Cooper is always smiling and ready to go. He came to the PETA Foundation after his former human family decided that it couldn’t care for him anymore. If you need a good laugh or a great game of fetch, Cooper’s your man.

Does your dog ever visit the office? Tell us all about it below.

Written by Shawna Flavell

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