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Jane Lynch Not ‘Glee’ful About Aquarium Party

Written by Michelle Kretzer | September 14, 2012

Last year, Atlanta Pride’s raucous party at the Georgia Aquarium raised the ire of many members of the LGBT community. PETA Vice President Dan Mathews, who is gay, attended the party to ask the organizers to consider a different location in the future. When he published a piece in The Huffington Post describing what he observed and what aquarium employees told him about how the loud, booming music torments the aquarium’s marine mammals, who navigate and communicate via sensitive sonar systems, people jumped to the animals’ defense. But Atlanta Pride has planned another party, with amplifiers aplenty, at the Georgia Aquarium. And again, gay animal rights advocates are calling “party foul.”

brian.gratwicke | cc by 2.0 

In captivity, these whales have little room for exercise and are cut off from their natural social groups. 

Jane Lynch wrote to Buck Cooke, managing director of Atlanta Pride, on PETA’s behalf and urged him to move the party to a more humane venue:

Many of the marine mammals at the aquarium are extremely sensitive to sound, and large parties create an even more stressful environment than they already endure in captivity. Animals such as beluga whales and dolphins communicate with one another by means of an intricate sonar system. The excess noise disorients them, thwarts their ability to communicate, and sometimes causes them to attack one another …. Given the animals’ extreme sensitivity to noise, the aquarium does not seem like an appropriate venue for such a large and festive gathering.


Animal advocates and the LGBT community often work hand in hand because we both understand oppression and cruelty, so there’s nothing to be proud of about a Pride event that hurts animals. Please contact Atlanta Pride Managing Director Buck Cooke today and urge him to switch the event’s kickoff party to a more humane venue. Atlanta Pride should be a positive, enjoyable experience for everyone, including the animals.

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  • LindieO says:

    Thank you Peta and Jane Lynch for speaking up for marine mammals and educating the public about the fact that loud noises at aquariums hurt the extremely sensitive hearing of dolphins and whales! ❤

  • Karen Zeligson says:

    Thank you for bring this to our attention. I cannot believe a new location is not in the works. This should be done immediately!! Why would amplification ever be allowed? EVER, in this location. Why the hell is the aquarium even putting it on the calendar?

  • Anjali says:

    It’s refreshing to see a celebrity step up. Thanks PETA for your hard work! Shame on those who don’t understand that these beautiful animals are not ornaments on display. They feel, sense and hurt.

  • Amanda says:

    this is absurd. who is going to have a good time knowing that the marine animals suffering a few feet away, DUH!~

  • Mo Brock says:

    1) Thank you, Jane Lynch, for stepping out.

    2) Thank you, PETA, for taking this action.

    3) Atlanta Pride, we really hope that you will do your homework before next year, and realize that captivity is cruel and that The Georgia Aquarium is not the “expert” on animals.