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Congress Goes Gaga Over Lettuce Ladies

Written by PETA | July 14, 2011

It was unseasonably hot on Capitol Hill when PETA’s Lettuce Ladies arrived for the annual Congressional Veggie Dog Giveaway. The leafy lovelies were greeted by a long line of people anxiously awaiting their arrival, ready for food and photo ops.

Can you imagine your representative in one of these?

Joining the Lettuce Ladies in the wearing of the green were Sexiest Vegetarian Next Door winner Kate Veltkamp and runner-up Udara Perera. Kate’s costume, made of real lettuce leaves, was a huge hit.

Patriots would have been proud to see so many members of Congress and their staff lining up for healthy veggie dogs and faux-chili dogs. While the crowd was waiting, they chatted with PETA staff, learning about how pigs suffer on factory farms and that flesh-based hot dogs contain noses, toes, anuses, and other “undesirable” body parts, while veggie dogs are made of healthy (and tasty) plant protein.

Everyone agreed that the food was delicious, and some told us that they were ready to go vegetarian or vegan.

Written by Michelle Sherrow

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  • Frede says:

    Uh huh… like I thought, mostly staff, not congressmen in those photos. Also, doesn’t look like the capitol building. Too tightly cropped. And – kabrjo, when you do too much advertising and not enough help, you have the wrong focus. PETA has had more people turn away from them or ignore them (such as seen in the photo of the pig at the hot dog eating contest) because they’re seen as “Look at me” groups and not “Help the animals.” There are more successful campaigns done by shelters and other organizations that truly help animals without this nonsense.

  • kabrjo says:

    Advertising is the key to everything. It’s been proven over and over again. Animal rights groups must invest more funds in advertising. A lot of people don’t like P.E.T.A. because they are very vocal and visual, but good for P.E.T.A. Where would Animal Rights be today if not for p.E.T.A.? Most probably just a bunch of polite people volunteering to walk dogs at the Humane Society- which is in itself a very valuable contribution- but the more you repeat something the more it is remembered. Education is the key, and advertising the means.