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‘The Hollywood Reporter’ Exposes the American Humane Association

Written by PETA | November 25, 2013

The Hollywood Reporter has published a scathing investigation of the American Humane Association (AHA) that supports what PETA has been saying for years: AHA monitoring is woefully inadequate, and as a result, animals used in film and television are frequently put in dangerous situations, injured, or killed. Last year, PETA presented the AHA with a list of recommendations for making film and television productions safer for animals, but our suggestions were ignored, and we’ve heard that the situation for animals is only getting worse.

Luck Dead Horse

Following our release of behind-the-scenes information about how horses were being treated on the set of Luck, we received an unprecedented number of reports from whistleblowers on both TV and film sets, including animal trainers and some AHA representatives, alleging mistreatment of animals during production. It has been alleged that AHA management has looked the other way or even been complicit in arranging for the filming of sequences that were potentially dangerous for animals. The AHA has also reportedly ignored the concerns of animal trainers who, in the past, have relied on AHA representatives to take their concerns to production teams rather than raising objections themselves.

Now, the AHA is planning to stop monitoring many films and charge producers for the films that it does monitor, which is an even more direct conflict of interest. If this new policy goes into effect, the AHA will be even less likely to jeopardize its funding (it’s currently funded largely by the Screen Actors Guild) by speaking up for animals, and more animals will be put in dangerous situations, injured, or killed.

Wild animals used in entertainment are often subjected to abusive training methods such as beatings, electric shock, psychological torment, and food deprivation. Many are stolen from their mothers when they are just babies and forced to live their entire lives in extreme confinement. After they’re no longer profitable to their owners, they’re frequently discarded at seedy roadside zoos. Filmmakers need to know that the only way to protect animals is by leaving them out of their stories altogether or by relying on computer-generated imagery and animatronics.

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  • Scripture tells us that God gave us a direct order to look after and protect the animals of this earth.His day is coming.Anyone that hurts an animal can not say they believe in God.

  • This needs to stop once and for all – Cruelty to animals. I wish the animals could turn around and retaliate to the humans that do this to them. I really pray for a miracle that the word cruelty will no longer exist in our society.

  • Agreed. We have animation.

  • StaceyC says:

    So, when you are watching the credits from a movie and it says “no animals harmed in the making of this film”. How do you know it’s true? What can we do to make sure it is? Are there laws and monitary punishment in place? As much as I enjoy seeing movies, if I knew they caused harm to any animals in them I would definitely boycott and strongly urge others to do the same.

  • SERIOUSLY? FILM INDUSTRIES ‘ARE LYING ABOUT ANIMALS , THEY DID GOT HURT SOME EVEN DIED, Lets keep fighting against ANIMAL cruelty… We are way to advanced in our evolution to still be behaving like SAVAGE BEASTS in 2013!!

  • Carina Silva says:

    Seriously i did not expect to read this. I was expecting once again, that if film industries are able to flash their cash at stars, why would the minimal requirements of an animal not be met? It makes no sense whatsoever.

    It makes me loose faith in humanity to a certain degree, but then i come here to PETA and realise that there are many people that feel like me. I guess that one way to do it is to boycote films with animals. I already do not visit Zoors, Circus, or any shows that have animals, specially wild ones… And i hate pet shops too!

    Its rather sick to see that simple things are somehow so difficult….

    Lets keep fighting against this cruelty… We are way to advanced in our evolution to still be behaving like beasts!

  • Jeaneen says:

    Animals are the same as people, we are all animals the only difference is man killing and abusing animals and people for fun, people can be very sick, meaning very cruel, animals kill for survival. Animals deserve the same rights as people: the Right to live in peace, the Right to live without being eaten or worn and the right not to be used in entertainment like circus’s or movies or any other form of entertainment. The abuse of animals on factory farms and the killing of Wild Horses and Bison so cattle ranchers can use the land for their cattle must stop, give the land back to the wildlife, the Horses and Bison and Wolves.

  • Elisa says:

    Hold the people that are supposed to be monitoring animals used in films accountable.
    This kind of treatment is unacceptable. If we scream loud enough we will be heard.

  • Isabel says:

    An animal is somebody not something!

  • Rochelle says:

    As I understand it, AHA is the body responsible for monitoring cruelty to animals used in films/tv. If they are not effective in doing their job, then we should hold them accountable for this. Push them to do their job properly. It all sounds like people are getting paid to do nothing to me!

  • Shirley Mix says:

    I will not go to the movies that have animals in them. If enough people do that they will stop.

  • Barbara says:

    Here is a graphic link to show the retaliation from the slaughter houses owners when they don’t get their way.. Many 100,000-200,000 Slaughter a year of our American Wild Horses.. Much very young.. By the BLM and others, no shelter/food My Name is Barbara and I am fightin mad.- Caution, not for children..

  • These people are horrible.

  • Judy Flanagan says:

    Horrible. We rely on this group to protect animals on sets. This is a big let-down.

  • mel says:

    Keep up the fight for animal freedom …

    It’s their right…..

  • Rosa says:

    Well, I like cinema but can live without it if it implies suffering for animals.
    Pls take care of all livings acting the the film. I prefer that the scene is not so perfect and the animal involved is well cared. But now you can use computers to simulate, so no reason for mistreating.
    I like the Lord of the rings, but I won’t be at theaters anymore if I’m not sure the are animals respectful.

  • Ree Shannon says:

    With the magic of computer animation and cyber tools at your disposal there is NO reason why any animal or person should ever be put in harms way. It’s simply lazy, on your part, not to put forth a sincere effort to protect the animals and your greed is shameful. I continue to boycott anything to do with your franchise.

  • Alanna says:

    Hi Denise! Thanks for sharing our posts! There’s a small, grey email button above the “Related Posts” section, right next to the yellow “Donate Now” button that will let you email the link easily!

  • melissa says:


  • Derrick Baker says:

    I won’t watch movies with animals either and have recently formed an organization to spread the word. So far we have 100 families that refuse to take their children to movies with animals. Our goal is 300 by next December.

  • sara says:

    I would not watch The Hobbit after hearing about apparent deaths of animals. I have now returned Life of Pi having not opened it. These people need to be accountable and not use these poor animals for entertainment.

  • It’s all about the mighty $$$$$. Until that can be separated nothing will ever change….it is terrible!

  • They should make it mandatory to clear label all productions in every industry where animal abuse is used and the customers will be aware & will be revolted 100 % ,I.m sure, but now we don’t know what we are involved in. With the film making we currently believe that is all done with computers.

  • Manuela H says:

    Can some of you computer wizzards please develop an app similar to Buycott so audiences can make sure that no animal was harmed in the films they are going to see. That would be great. Please publish everywhere. Responsible consumer behavior is the only way to stop harm in the world of money.

  • Helen says:

    Is there a petition for his campaign?

  • drumhobo says:

    Do where is the petition to barrage hollywood with our outrage?

  • Sharon says:

    This is shocking!!!! I don’t watch films with animals in it upsets me. Animals shouldn’t be used in films!!!!!

  • Tala Lakota says:

    stupid corporations and their stupid obsession with money; who cares if an animal gets hurt if you can make a few bucks off a bribe; people’s greed p***** me off to no end

  • AHA—–where are you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! looks like the above horse was really taken care of huh!!!! come on–own up to your name!!! protect these animals!!!

  • camilla says:

    absolutley appauling !! how dare they even operate this way!! petitions need to be signed and action against these peoples involved!

  • No no no don’t watch such film. Shame on you

  • swade1001 says:

    AHA is already and has been for a while charging producers to supervise their productions. We had a student production with horses pulling a carriage in one scene and the AHA told us if we want the logo in our film at the very end saying “No animals were harmed in this production” we would have to pay for an AHA person to come to set every day and pay them $75 for basically just sitting there, but we don’t really have to. That’s how much they cared! And on another short film set, we had a supervisor but as soon as he showed up, he grabbed a chair and fell asleep on it. He only woke up when it was time for lunch!

  • Cindy Demory says:

    This makes me sick!!!!!

  • Brooke Clark says:

    This is unexceptable. You would think that with all the animal protection agencies out there, there would be tougher laws! Sham Sham on them. Give me a paper and i will sign it……give me some numbers and I will call, give me some addresses and I will write!

  • Sierra teegarden says:

    The “no animals were harmed” crap is about as promising as “humanly raised” animal products. We can never trust what is said on the surface, its always different once you peal back the onion a few layers

  • It is time to boycott AHA I will not be donating to them until they change their behavior. And I will write them a letter and tell them why.
    I was planning on going to see the Hobbit but now I won’t I wait until it is on TV. I will encourage my family and friends to boycott Hobbit.

  • Iris Russell says:

    It is just incredible that a group can lie so openly when the truth can be obtained and reports published showing their lies. How can AHA be so complacent when the animals they are supposed to be protecting are being killed through the auspice of entertainment? CGI is becoming so common that it would be more exciting to see what a computer can do than to know an animal suffered in the making of a movie. I will not see The Hobbit! I will also tell all my friends to not see the movie because of the animal abuse.

  • I never believe d those disclaimers, now – how much more are we going to put up with ! Sue them all ,get old smoke out .im sick of this !

  • sharon chang says:

    I won’t watch movies that have animals in them!we must boycott,it’s the only way to create change!

  • ponygirl99 says:

    Time to boycott films that carry “No Animals were Harmed” end credit disclaimer. AHA is appalling.

  • Lane says:

    Did any of you see Anthony Bourdain’s show on Sicily last night? They proudly present a lovely area where they raise the pigs (they say “happy pig, happy food,” something to that effect). Then they grab one of the happy pigs and drag him over to the butchering area, where they bash his brains out, so they can eat him. Anthony apparently thinks it’s just great fun. Is anyone as sickened as I am?

  • John says:

    HOLLYWOOD REPORTER: ‘LIFE OF PI’ tiger ‘damn near drowned’… 27 animal deaths on ‘THE HOBBIT’… Dog punched repeatedly in popular DISNEY movie… Secret emails, documents exposed… SPIELBERG protected by cover-up of ‘WAR HORSE’ death…

    • Rachael says:

      Life Of Pi tiger was completely computer generated! All animals in that movie were! Smh . You really shouldn’t believe everything you read in the Hollywood Reporter (or anywhere online for that matter-including peta.)

      • Alanna says:

        Unfortunately, while some of the scenes were done using CGI, a real tiger was still used in Life of Pi. The director, Ang Lee, has come out and spoken about the incident that occurred with King the tiger, confirming that it did indeed happen.

  • It is becoming common place for the an organization positioned to advocate for the welfare and protection of animals to not be fulfilling that mission> We need to do better!

  • Barbara says:

    I am tired of these corrupt bloated organizations pretending to be something they’re not. AHA is protecting themselves, not the animals. I will never believe the “no animals harmed” disclaimer again. If people are not informed, they’ll keep supporting these charlatans.

  • Mark says:

    This report is really an eye opener because most people believe that Hollywood has strict rules to ensure the safety and well-being of animals. Like every other industry, without rigorous oversight, standards will slip and animals will get hurt. We know that government is ill equipped to do this. I think that the film makers should pay for outside animal welfare experts and advocates to supervise when animals are used, but it sounds like the AHA is not the right group to do this. It would also be a good incentive to go with animal alternatives like CGI.