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Is the Flying Spaghetti Monster Vegan?

Written by Jennifer O'Connor | December 23, 2011

Some Santa Monica citizens are outraged after a group of atheists flooded a city lottery with applications, took over the space where more than a dozen of the city’s Nativity displays would normally be set up, and then simply left much of  the space vacant. PETA is reaching out to the atheists to ask permission to set up our own “Give Peas a Chance” billboard in one of the empty areas.

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In our letter to the atheists’ spokesperson, PETA President Ingrid E. Newkirk points out: “From factory farms to holy wars, so many lives have been lost because of an inability to relate to others who are different from us in unimportant ways. Whether we believe in Jesus or the Flying Spaghetti Monster, we can promote peace on Earth by adopting a cruelty-free vegan diet.”

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  • Anabella Bobcatz says:

    I’m confused… The idea of uniting people of different beliefs for a common purpose is admirable, but the title of this post seems almost accusing…

  • fredk9vegan says:

    That’s exactly what i said in my book (a biography on my new life as a vegan k9) ‘Fred Eats A Pea” – it’s available @veganstoreonline (pangea) and was blogged about by @vegnews on 12/15. Give those peas a chance and u won’t be disappointed. No harm comes 2 animals w/that choice. Marvelous.

  • Ralph says:

    This is the ONLY time I’d support you – if only so we could actually get religious icons on the site to show up the athiests… lol.

  • Toby says:

    Yes, I’m a vegan atheist too (and non-astrologer for that matter) & should point out that some non-religious people are outspoken about animal rights: Ricky Gervais speaks against fur & gives lip service (in principle though not in practice) to animal rights, Bill Maher does the same, Richard Dawkins has said that veganism is ethical but that he simply is not socially-bold enough to do it, Peter Singer is an outspoken & influential non-religious animal rights advocate (author of Animal Liberation), Sam Harris has said he can not justify using animals as products (but just does it anyway because he can)… these are all outspoken atheists who have in some way given credence to nonhuman animal rights & ethical treatment. The most abhorrent speech & behavior against animals comes from those who are the most religious, unfortunately… I wish it weren’t so, but those who get inspiration from ancient mythology are doing more harm than good on average. We should look to progressive ethics & the promotion of wellness as the objective: not a religious goal… people panic when their religions are questioned because they don’t know better. That should change, we all deserve better!

  • Spencevail says:

    I can’t agree more Billy Williams. How can all these people of “faith” have such little compassion for animals, while atheists like you and me have no problem giving up meat, fur, and all animal cruelty. There is a good reality check for you theists. How can you claim to be a person of “God” and not even respect his supposed creations. I don’t believe in any sort of god but I can clearly see when a wrong is being done, and humans are clearly doing a wrong to the animals of this planet.

  • billy williams says:

    As a vegan atheist,I think it’s great that your doing this,We can unite people of all faiths(or lack of one)around compassion towards all life,Go Vegans!