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Global Campaign to End Cosmetics Tests on Animals Full-Steam Ahead

Written by PETA | December 3, 2013

Following on the heels of this summer’s exciting announcement that India ended tests on animals for cosmetics and their ingredients and is considering a ban on animal tests for household products and their ingredients, PETA India has made huge international progress for animals once again. After an extensive campaign—with support from MP Maneka Gandhi and others—India’s Drugs Technical Advisory Board has recommended that a provision be added under the Drugs and Cosmetics Rules to ban the importation of cosmetics that have been tested on animals in other countries.

By doing so, India would be joining the EU and Israel, which have banned the testing of cosmetics on animals and the sale of cosmetics that were tested on animals abroad.

Bunny Magic Rescued Bunnies. Peggy and Lucy at their new home.

And elsewhere in the world, LOGOCOS—a globally recognized name in cruelty-free beauty—has become the latest company to withdraw from the Chinese market after talks with PETA. LOGOCOS has joined compassionate companies such as Pangea Organics, Paul Mitchell Systems, Juice Beauty, Urban Decay, Dermalogica, Nature’s Gate, Yes to Carrots, NYX Cosmetics, The Body Shop, Jack Black, 100% Pure, and others that have pledged not to sell their products in China until the government no longer requires tests on animals for cosmetics.

What You Can Do

You can join the fight against product-testing on animals by purchasing only cruelty-free cosmetics, personal-care products, and household products. Please tell your friends, family, and neighbors why it’s important to buy only cruelty-free products.

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  • Grecia Martinez says:

    I myself think that this cruelty should stop.Animals have equal right as us humans to live. The only thing is that those poor innocent animal don’t have a voice but we can make it happen. STOP THIS ANIMAL ABUSE!!!!!!!

  • Patti Hensley says:

    Thanks to a magnificent amazing bunny, who I was lucky enough to get to spend 12 wonderful years with, my love of animals, their rights, their needs, what they bring to you was intensified beyond belief. This darling little friend, partner, taught me just how unbelievable a sweet little heart covered in fur can bring to your life. She of course never saw a cage, never heard an unkind word, had the best food, a real baby crib with the front off so she could come and go at will. She had a personality you’d never believe when she was mad she would turn her little but to me and would not let on I was there then she’d give me kisses with her little snoot and lay next to me with her sweet little fur against me, she didn’t like my hair curled and would fix it with her little paws until it looked the way she liked. She taught me how unconditional an animals love is I don’t eat our little friends, I wear nothing tested on animals, I haven’t had my favorite candy bar in 7 yrs because they test on animals, of course I certainly don’t wear them. and I do all that I can to support them. I have a jacket I wear with my favorite animal sayings I wear everyday and I tell everyone I meet how important it is to use cruelty free companies and treat the sweet babies kind and loving. One of my favorite quotes is “Until one has loved an animal a part of ones heart remains unawakened.”. My heart will miss my little Bunny Girl forever and I will still be loving you when I take my last breath. Thank you for 12 amazing years of love my angel.

  • Alan Smith says:

    This is a great move, we must join hands and stop cosmetic tests on the animals.