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Proposed Regulation in China Could Mean Fewer Cosmetics Tests on Animals

Written by Michelle Kretzer | November 11, 2013

In a new development, the China Food and Drug Administration (CFDA) has made a decision that could allow some cosmetics companies to stop conducting cruel, archaic tests on animals and switch to modern, humane testing methods. The CFDA has given companies that manufacture cosmetics within China’s borders the go-ahead to submit their own data on their products’ toxicity to the government, rather than being forced to pay the government to conduct animal tests on their behalf. This means that companies may choose to use only in vitro (test tube) tests. Concerned that Chinese companies that are not yet familiar with the broad range of non-animal tests would continue to use the same old, cruel methods, PETA is going to continue to provide scientists from the Institute for In Vitro Sciences (IIVS) with funding to train Chinese scientists in non-animal testing methods.

Since PETA first exposed this issue, we have provided IIVS scientists with funding both to educate scientists in China on superior, non-animal testing methods and to provide government officials there with guidance on accepting non-animal testing methods and developing a five-year plan to accept the tests currently used in the U.S. and Europe.

This move by the CFDA is a step in the right direction. For now, products manufactured outside China as well as so-called “functional cosmetics,” such as anti-wrinkle cream, will still be subject to the animal-testing requirement, but PETA and the IIVS will continue to work to see that those tests are ended, too.

Bunny PSA

In North America, consumers are fortunate to have thousands of cruelty-free cosmetics products at our fingertips. And PETA’s list of cruelty-free companies makes it easy for us to vote with our dollars and tell companies that we prefer “beauty without bunnies.”

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  • Karen Simpson says:

    Stop torturing animals & end ALL animal testing now.

  • Erica Munn says:

    Why did we ever test on animals in the first place?? Tests on animals have proven very little when it comes to humans and they inflict awful pain and suffering on animals. Tests should have been banned decades ago.

  • TERRY CALLOW says:

    The cruelty man inflicts on animals is horrific barbaric and inhumane. Testing on animals is a fine example of this. They have a right to live a life without having humans forcing these disgusting unnecessary experiments on them. What is being done to them is in my opinion no different than the experiments carried out by the Nazis during the 2nd world war. Animals feel pain, bleed, breath and have emotions and fear, just like us “humans”. STOP TESTING ON THEM NOW!!!

  • Laurie says:

    China, there is enough technology to test anything stop torturing animals in the name o human safety . That is inhumaine sick and downright crueL. Stop torturing animals. India and others countries have stopped so you have to stop

  • Rebecca Wilson says:

    Hooray for Peta! Well done, such an achievement getting these appalling tests stopped around the world – one step at a time. Whilst I have issues with your general stance on omnivores – I am one! – I applaud you on your activities against animal testing etc. Thank-you!

  • Rick says:

    The use of any animal to test any man made product, should be banned, universally. The concept that animals should be tortured to provide cosmetic improvement to humans is barbaric and should be banned.

  • I miss my Clinique!! I hope this happens soon, or Clinique pulls out of China.

  • Lisa Alderman says:

    The testing on any and All animals needs to Stop NOW!!!

  • louis gauci says:

    Animals are not born to be subjected to unnecessasry tests/vivisection. They all deserve a better and happy life and not to be abused in this way.

  • mauricio de la rosa says:

    Glad this kinds of test could possibly come to an end. Let’s hope it does.