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Bullocks Go Bananas Over … Bananas

Written by PETA | October 31, 2011

During the Indian festival of Diwali, people traditionally share sweets and snacks with family members and friends, so it only makes sense that staffers with Animal Rahat, a working-animal relief program in India supported by PETA, would mark the festival of lights by paying a visit to Animal Rahat’s sanctuary for retired bullocks in Sangli to share some treats with their friends there.

Rahat staffers also cleaned and groomed the animals and gave them much-appreciated massages, as well as performing the traditional Hindu rituals associated with the holiday. In the photos below, you can see some of the animals in their holiday finery, enjoying their “prasad” (offerings to the goddess Lakshmi—in this case, a tasty banana).

The bullocks also enjoyed a special meal of green grass and molasses (an extra special treat), and the resident dogs dined on a holiday feast of rice and vegetables.

Find out more about Animal Rahat’s vital work to provide veterinary care, rest, nutrition, shelter, aid, and retirement to working animals in India at Please also consider making a donation today to become a supporter of the Animal Rahat program.  

Written by Alisa Mullins
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  • Dawn says:

    Billy, don’t be fooled, with a closer look into their practices these animals suffer long treks to the slaugther house and are brutalized on the way there. I always thought they worshiped these animals but, once again greed has won out.

  • billy williams says:

    I think I’ll study indian culture more since i’m intrigued at their general love of animals!