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Victory: Wyoming Scraps Law to Hide Farmed Animal Abuse (Update)

Written by PETA | February 15, 2013

Update: Another one bites the dust! Because of the public outcry following Bob Barker’s letter to lawmakers on PETA’s behalf (see below), Wyoming has become the latest state to shelve an “ag gag” bill designed to protect animal abusers on factory farms by preventing undercover investigations from being conducted. The irresponsible and dangerous legislation, House Bill 126, died in committee on February 12. Afterward, one of its cosponsors said that the negative attention surrounding the bill was a factor in setting it aside.

Our thanks go out to everyone who responded to PETA’s action alert. Why not celebrate this victory by sending your not-yet-vegan friends a link to, where they can view footage obtained—legally—from undercover investigations on factory farms?

Originally posted on February 8th, 2013:

PETA pal and TV legend Bob Barker has once again stepped up for animals—this time in Wyoming, where legislators are considering House Bill (H.B.) 126, a measure specifically designed to protect animal abusers within the intensive-agriculture industry, even from law enforcement.


Bob, a lifelong Republican, has urged the Republican-majority Senate to reject the bill, which could prevent undercover investigators from collecting evidence of routine and systematic animal abuse on farms that is crucial in helping prosecute abusers. Undercover investigations by PETA have revealed the routine beatings, mutilations, sexual abuse, and other severe cruelty to animals prevalent within the meat, dairy, and egg industries and often lead to criminal charges and convictions, including in Iowa, North Carolina, Oklahoma and West Virginia.

In his letter, Bob writes, “Americans today want better treatment of animals killed for food, not for their legislators to hide illegal cruelty on farms behind locked doors. Over the last few years, I’ve been joined by figures from all walks of life, from Republican strategist Mary Matalin to animal welfare expert Temple Grandin, in opposing bills similar to H.B. 126, and legislators have listened, as such bills have died or been tabled by sponsors in Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Minnesota, Nebraska, New York, and Tennessee as well as Arkansas, the second-largest poultry-producing state in the nation.”

What You Can Do

If you are a Wyoming resident or you know some, please urge (or get them to urge) your state senator to join you and Bob Barker in opposing H.B. 126 today!

Residents of Indiana, Nebraska, and New Hampshire can also contact their legislators to urge them to reject similar bills that have arisen in the agriculture industry’s desperate attempt to thwart consumers from learning the truth about the gruesome life and miserable death of animals on factory farms.

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  • Nina Eckhoff says:

    Cruelty is morally repugnant and should be punished no matter where it takes place. Cruelty to animals (who have no recourse) is the deepest depravity.

  • Jack says:

    @Bob…not sure where you’re going with that comment, but surely you must know that if there is an illegal activity going on, whether it’s private property or not is irrelevant. If suspected child abuse is going on, then the authorities are well within their legal rights to cross that line into “private” property to investigate and take action if necessary. Animals should be no different. If suspected abuse is going on, then it needs to be taken care of immediately. What needs universal improvement are the laws that dictate what is and what isn’t abuse where animal welfare is concerned. Many monsterous deeds are hidden behind loopholes and weak laws and that’s what almost all abusers count on. Strict laws and enforcement would do wonders for cruelty, even for protecting our children, but more so for the neglected animal population.

  • Karin Hauenstein says:

    This is great! Thank you PETA and thanks to Bob Barker! NOW–WE NEED PEOPLE’S HELP IN THE STATE OF OKLAHOMA! Right now, the Oklahoma State Legislature is overturning the law that prohibits horse slaughter and plans to host the inhumane killing of hundreds of thousands of U.S. horses each year. PLEASE contact your friends and family in Oklahoma and ask them to call their representative and stand up for horses!

  • Bob says:

    Maybe you should work on a bill to look into homes so we could check for abused children as long as you think it’s o.k. to go into private property.

  • Garrett says:

    if its privately owned it means they can choose who can see what. its a right anyway! so why not enforce it?

  • Newsvandal says:

    Headline News actually covered Ag-Gag laws! HLN Pulls The Ag-Gag Off The Media’s Mouth

  • James Robertson says:

    Ag gag bills must be stopped before they become law and should be repealed anywhere they have become law! Transparency is a must!!

  • saint etienne vregord says:

    We all have a right to know what happens with animals on farm, there is so much wrong and evil happens everywhere today, we become terminally ill, especially from the animals on factory farms, that’s because it is a disaster and cruel torture for the animals there. There are also lots of good and kind farmers to their animals. It the monsters who must be stopped, they are not real farmers, they are dangerous to the animals because they destroy them with torture. I do not understand this man, Bob Baker! What he is made of ? Does he really mean that animals who are abused tortured kicked and finally destroyed by sadists on factory farms is okay, for me is it very difficult to understand such person. No animal should suffer on a farm. The trend is worrisome to cruel. Powerful forces work hard to stop factory farms, it’s evil and not acceptable wherever the farms is.

  • Jc Rodriguez says:

    To finally stop all animal abuse , people should become VEGAN… easy to do, we all be helping the animals, the environment and we will evolve to be a better human race. Cause now we are a disgrace

  • saint etienne vregord says:

    We all have a right to know what happens with animals on the farm, there is so much wrong happens everywhere today, we become terminally ill, especially from the animals on factory farms, because it is a disaster for the animals there. Many farmers are kind to their animals. It the monster who must be stopped, they are not real farmers and must be kept far away from animals. Jeg do not understand this man, Bob Baker, what he is made ​​of. He really mean that animals who are abused tortured kicked and finally destroyed by sadists on factory farms is ok. The rest of us do not think so. No animal should suffer on a farm. The trend is worrisome to cruel. Powerful forces will work hard to stop both Bob Baker and factory farms, the evil is not acceptable wherever on farms it is.

  • marina laner says:


  • James says:

    stop animal cruelties right now

  • Karen says:

    The fact that human beings would even propose a bill like this one is absurd, and frightening.

  • Rex's Mom says:

    I thought Bob Barker was a democrat. It is shown in the scorecard from the Human Society Legislative Fund that more democratic politicians than republican politicians are animal friendly. So if Bob is a republican that means he probably voted for John McCain and Sarah Palin in 2008. How on earth can he vote for someone as vicious as Palin is to animals? And he probably voted for Romney in this past election. A man who put his dog on the roof of his car when they went on vacation. I have lost some respect for Bob if he continues to vote for politicians who have no regard for animals.

  • Barb Falls says:

    First of all animals are not ours to eat. As for the so called people that abuse them should be punished to the fullest extent. Those so called people will get their day in Hell and it can`t come soon enough for me. Have a heart. These are not the cave man days.

  • Kimberly says:

    I think as americans we have the right to see what is happening to the farm animals. These poor animals are treated so bad. The people (if you want to call them that)that abuse the animals should face real consequences for there actions. But we all know they will just get a slap on the wrist just like the child abusers. This world has gone to hell. If you have a heart and soul Please don’t pass this bill, the poor animals are depending on our help.