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Best and Worst Super Bowl Ads… for Animals

Written by Alisa Mullins | February 6, 2012

As usual, the commercial lineup during Super Bowl XLVI featured some real dogs—and we’re not just talking about CareerBuilder‘s tired old re-tread of the “immature chimpanzees” storyline. Yes, the chimpanzees are immature—that’s because they’re babies who should be with their mothers, not being forced to perform tricks for an ass-backwards company’s cruel and unimaginative Super Bowl ad.

As for the dogs, I’m also referring to the actual dogs who appeared in many of this year’s Super Bowl ads, including Bud Light’s real-life rags-to-riches rescued mutt, Weego, who tirelessly fetches beers every time someone utters Bud’s slogan, “Here we go!” “He’s a rescue,” proclaims Weego’s proud guardian, and the ad ends with a plea to visit Bud Light’s “Help Rescue Dogs” Facebook page.

We have to throw a penalty flag on Skechers for promoting greyhound racing in its ad featuring a sneakers-clad French bulldog. The ad was trying to be cute, but greyhound racing, with its legions of abandoned, shot, and starved ex-racers, is about as ugly as it gets.

Hyundai fumbled when it used a real cheetah in its ad. Wild animals used for ads often spend most of their lives confined to cages or chains and may be routinely beaten in order to “show them who’s boss.” Hyundai should have taken a cue from fellow carmaker Kia, whose ad starred a lifelike computer-generated rhinoceros (not to mention a very animated—but not animatronic—Tommy Lee). 

Animatronics and CGI technology are so good that it can be hard to tell the real animals from the robots, which is why there’s no excuse for dragging real chimpanzees, cheetahs, or other wildlife onto a sound stage.

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  • Nohl says:

    For those that think the Doritos ad is distasteful and appalling should sign the following petition to get it off the airwaves. I’m a cat lover and thought the commercial was completety disgusting. I’m boycotting Frito Lay and PepsiCo as well. I’m not buying any more of their products. Please sign the petition and forward the link to others. Thank you.

  • Doritos says:

    The doritos commercial was soooo funny. U guys have to see it!!

  • Rev. Meg says:

    As a person who once spent a horrifying 10 minutes trying to pull her cat out of the mouth of a neighbors dog, I found this years Doritos commercial disgusting.  I love dogs, but if that dog had been mine, I would have pulled the Doritos bag out of his mouth, grabbed his collar, confined him in a secure area aand called the first Great Dane rescue I could find.   The only way the commercial could have been worse if if the dog in it were a pit bull.

  • billy williams says:

    I agree about the Doritos ad!-How can anyone think it’s funny that a dog is killing a cat? They could have done something that wasn’t offensive and that would actually be funny, instead they joke about the death of a cat. Shame on you Doritos!

  • nancy says:

    I was disgusted when I saw that Doritos commercial about the dog killing the cat. How can anyone think that is funny. I did email the comapany

  • Rob meal says:

    i liked them.

  • debbie says:

    THANK YOU randy! i think we’re the only ones that found the doritos dog killing cat ad NOT FUNNY. i will never buy their products again & i sent them a note expressing my disapproval.

  • cejay says:

    I agree with all the comments about animals in commercials. I am exceptionally digusted & horrified by the Dorito commercial. If any one of those advertising “geniuses” ever saw the body of a cat that was killed by a dog, they would not think it was so “funny”. I want your organization & all other animal activists, especially cat lovers, & organizations to launch a campaign against Frito-Lay & boycott their products. I myself am never going to purchase any of their productsever again. I have 3 cats & they are part of our family.

  • LoveMyFurkids says:

    I literally just got done sending notes to both Frito-Lay and Skechers about their awful commercials! In my message to Skechers, I informed them of the horrors that await the dogs who are used in greyhound racing, and in my nasty-gram to Frito-Lay, I expressed my complete disgust and outrage at the dog who bribes a man with freakin’ Doritos to keep his mouth shut about the dog killing – and sneakily burying – the guy’s cat. (When my husband and I saw that commercial, our jaws dropped to the floor in horror!)…What’s also disgusting – and very disturbing – is that some people are actually PRAISING these commercials – especially the Doritos one! One jerk deemed that ad to be “the best one” of the Super Bowl! >:(

  • Randy says:

    How can you not mention the horrible Doritos commercial that makes fun of a dog killing a cat. This deserves a boycott of all Frito Lay products. My cat was killed by a dog last year and this commercial brought back horrific memories.

  • Samantha says:

    I went around school today telling people how wrong that commercial was. My friends couldn’t believe it! Now they know about the hell that is greyhound racing.