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Animal Rahat Celebrates PETA President’s Birthday

Written by PETA | June 12, 2009

Yesterday, PETA President Ingrid E. Newkirk turned 60! (Can you believe it? She says, “Yes, count the crow’s feet!”) Our staff asked supporters who wanted to wish Ingrid a happy birthday to send a donation to one of her favorite programs, Animal Rahat. And boy, did you come through. So far, birthday well-wishers have donated more than $12,000 to Animal Rahat, and that means the world to all those bulls and donkeys!

The folks at Animal Rahat were tickled to be the recipients of such generous gifts, so they made a birthday cake and gave out celebratory fresh grass (a big treat for the animals) and vital nutrition packs along the village roadways. Here are some photos of the big shindig:


Too pretty to eat? Naahh.
Animal Rahat
Animal Rahat staffers dig into the cake.
Animal Rahat


For those of you who aren’t familiar with Animal Rahat’s work, it provides desperately needed relief—such as food, veterinary care, water stations, and portable sunshades—to working animals in India. It also runs relief camps where injured, sick, and debilitated animals can recuperate as well as a retirement center where elderly animals can live out their golden years in comfort. Check out these photos of Animal Rahat in action:


Animal Rahat


Animal Rahat


Animal Rahat


Thank you all for helping to improve the lives of these working animals.

Written by Alisa Mullins

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  • Gillian Gorfil says:

    Happy Birthday Ingrid I’m sure all the animals around the world would like to join me in wishing you a wonderful year filled with health success and happiness. You are an angel. Best regards Gillian Gorfil

  • John Coon says:

    Dear Ingrid although it is extremely belated Happy birthday!!! Please forgive me as I am a new follower of PETA. So on behalf of coon hunters nationwide thanks for reminding us of why we celebrate our heritage. Live free! John Coon

  • cristin westby says:

    Sorry I am late with The Happy birthday greetings!!! I admire you and people like you just enormously!!! To take care of animals who are so vounarable are soo!! important and they need us to speek up for them!! Have a greit life and all the best for the future!!

  • Tiffany Haughn says:

    I cannot imagine anyone who deserves a happy birthday more than you! Your selflessness and compassion are unmatched! You have changed the lives of millions of animals and people and we are all grateful for you! thank you for all that you and PETA stands for! Sincerely tiffany

  • Barbara Raymond says:

    Dear Ingrid If asked what one person in the world I admire the most my answer would be Ingrid Newkirk. You are truly an inspiration and I am so grateful for all you have done and continue to do for animals. May God bless you. Happy 60th! Sincerely Barbara Raymond

  • Sue says:

    Happy Belated Birthday Ingrid! My apologies for not signing your ecard or sending my wishes timely but I was away on a business trip for the past 2 weeks and was only able to check my email now. Thank you for your continued tireless efforts for all animals…they need more genuine advocates such as yourself! Hope you had a wonderful day! Sue Pete Manny Riley

  • Patrice Kerr says:

    You and your work are so valuable. Wishing you a wonderful new decade and many more years to come. You have many supporters everywhere. The world really is a better place because of you. Patty Pittsburgh PA

  • Dana Barakat says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAAAAAAAAAAAAY INGRID!!! And as they say in Arabic may you live until 200 or more with great health happiness and success!!

  • Kim Klein says:

    For all of the bad and evil that is out there in this world you are the counterforce. You have inspired thousands if not millions of people to fight for animail rights. Millions of animals have been saved because of you. You are DEFINITELY an angel. God Bless you and Happy Birthday!

  • anat williams says:

    Dear Ingrid I think you are an amzing womanhappy birthday dear. You are so brave keep it that way!! Yours sincerley Anat Williams from israel

  • Jocelyne Slater says:

    Ingrid HAPPY BIRTHDAY you are one of a kind a blessing for the animals. I am proud to be a small part of Peta

  • Paula says:

    Thank you Ingrid for all you do to be a voice for the voiceless and let the world know that animals need not suffer if we all work together to respect love and take responsibility for their needs and comfort. Never give up your good work for the animals need angels like you to keep fighting for them. 4 the animals 4ever Paula

  • Betsy DiJulio says:

    I missed the deadline for the birthday card too. My apologies. I admire Ingrid in ways that would take too long to explain. Suffice it to say though that I’m about to make a donation to Rahat right now. Happy Birthday Ingrid!

  • Angel Carr says:

    Happy Belated Birthday Ingrid! You Rock the Planet Rock! I have so much admiration for you! I know all the animals you have helped would make you a Happy Birthday video if they could! Best wishes to you!

  • Lauren Marcello says:

    Happy Birthday Ingrid! Best wishes to you and all that you do. I support animals and Peta 100! Have a great Birthday

  • Betty Holden says:

    I wanted to sign the birthday card and didn’t get a chance to soon enough so I am now wishing that Ingrid had a great birthday celebration and will have many more! Thanks so much to PETA and Ingrid for helping animals and the education that you give to wake us all up to what’s happening to animals. Also thanks for making it so easy to get involved and write letters. Keep on doing such a great job! Many thanks and God bless you.

  • Sofia says:

    Dear Ingrid Greetings First of all i am sorry for the belated birthday wishes as I have not checked and accidentally missed the mail message briefing me about this nevertheless my well wishes are as sincere and honest and deep that may you have a very very happy successful content safe healthy victorious and lovely and long life extremely grateful for your precious concern and contribution for our furry winged and other non human friends who despite of being very much innocent and defenseless suffer unimaginably by evil sadist and satanic people and forces. My respected friend I wish you supreme success in your noble mission and pray most sincerely that your noble mission will be victorious the blessed and awaited sacred day of total and absolute and forever animal all species welfare will arrive very very soon. Amen Amen. Amen. Yours truly and always Another animal lover Sofia

  • Curtis says:

    Oh wow this is so nice. Thank you for sharing. I hope Ingrid had a lovely day. Hope she comes back to Eugene soon. I always make a point of going to see her when she is in town.