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Alligator Farmers Don’t Like Getting Cut

Written by PETA | March 15, 2011

If you were the governor of a state struggling in the economic downturn and you had $100,000 to spend, what would you do with it? Restore programs cut from schools? Aid homeless shelters? Or promote alligator-skin golf shoes? Florida’s budget currently includes about $100,000 a year to market alligator skin, but Gov. Rick Scott wants to put the money to better use. “The state shouldn’t be in that business,” he said.

Agreed. Really, no one should be in that business. Alligator farmers raid marshes and steal the eggs. Trying to save their children, mother alligators risk their lives jumping into the farmers’ boats. On farms, alligators are piled on concrete slabs in tiny stagnant pools and are often used in “petting zoos” and shows until they are large enough to kill for their skin

A PETA undercover investigation of a Florida alligator farm documented gruesome slaughter methods. One person stood on the animal’s mouth, and one stood on the tail, while a third attempted to chisel through the spinal column with a pointed instrument and hammer. It took many blows for the chisel to break through the vertebrae, and even then, the spinal cord wasn’t completely severed. It can take around two hours for an animal slaughtered this way to die. Another common slaughter method is beating alligators to death with baseball bats.

Even if Florida fails to cut the industry’s funding, you can cut its funding by refusing to buy exotic skins and complaining to the manager if you see exotic skins on store shelves.

Written by Michelle Sherrow

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  • stephers says:

    please publicly comment on and help end the violence being showed on swamp people. thanks

  • Alexa says:

    This is disgusting. Just as gruesome and horrible as the show Swamp People – PETA needs to help us stop this horrific display of abuse on primetime television, I urge everyone passionate about this issue to contact PETA and email the broadcasting company at telling them what a disgrace the show is! We need to get awareness out there, and show them that people will help to shut this down!

  • seriously says:

    Hey do a little research when you post this kind of a story. There is no way they beat a gator to death with a ball bat. The skull of a gator only has a quarter sized spot that is weak enough for a bullet. If you shot a gator any other spot on the head it may stun but it won’t kill. As far as Swamp people gator hunting is by season only other than then it’s illegal to hunt the animal. Without this season the swamp would be over run.

  • gbboi says:

    yea I agree so once again… When is PETA going jump all over the History Channel for the insane slaughtering of gators going on in Swamp People. A truly horrific show.

  • michael w says:

    When is PETA going jump all over the History Channel for the insane slaughtering of gators going on in Swamp People. A truly horrific show.  

  • ocean17 says:

    such insanity. this is so very cruel and inhumane. and there has to be a better way, we need to protect the animals, including the alligators.

  • williams32606 says:

    DO NOT GO TO THE FARM IN ST.AUGUSTINE THEY SELL PURSES RIGHT THERE AND OTHER SKINS but pay 17.00 bucks and walk around and enjoy the beaty of the gators and then buy the skin!!its sick

  • jordan says:

    they should be shut down

  • Melmac says:

    I agree it’s not good to waste funding on a business; however, are you going to say the same thing if/when any funds you receive from government are cut in order to tighten the belt? (Please don’t say that you’re all donations – we know that NFPs get benefits in the form of tax breaks and the like).

  • Caitlin says:

    I’m confused. I’ve lived in Florida my whole live and was always told that the FWC regulates reptile products and it is completely ILLEGAL to buy or sell any reptile products of any kind, including alligators. They have whole exhibits of confiscated products! How is that these products are being marketed?

  • buy facebook fans says:

    I think it’s good idea!

  • sknnymnny says:

    But what had caught my attention in the first place were the poor conditions and unnecessarily cruel techniques for raising our ‘gators. It’s very apparent they care for their young, sometimes more than ‘humans’ to.

  • sknnymnny says:

    I was disappointed to learn our ‘gators were no longer protected critters. As long as the skin traders pay the state for every egg they take from the wild, and pay as well for their own advertising, a resonable balance might be maintained. I think the governor is on the right track.

  • FuegoKat says:

    Good grief – I never thought I’d agree with Gov. Scott on any damned thing, but here it is! I have been transplanted to Florida for over 30 years now, and not many actions regarding animals here make me proud as a resident, particularly the unfortunate creatures that happen to be born of the water and swamps here. I am glad Gov. Scott recognizes that profiting on the death of these magnificent creatures is a P.R. no-win, and a total mistake!

  • Abby says:

    This is so cruel! I have seen these animals in the wild and they just sit there! How is that reason to skin them? Sure, they have potential to cause harm to people, but people should not be messing with them in the first place!