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A Convenient Truth: Al Gore Goes Vegan

Written by Michelle Kretzer | November 27, 2013

We knew it would happen. No one who cares about climate change as much as Al Gore does can continue to support one of the leading causes of the phenomenon: factory farming. His Live Earth benefit concerts promote going vegan, and now Al Gore himself has made the switch to a plant-based diet.

Al Gore©

We’re sure that like his former boss, President Bill Clinton, Al will enjoy his slimmer waistline and better overall health as well as the knowledge that he just made huge progress toward protecting the environment.

In other celebrity news:

Horatio Sanz will be celebrating his first vegetarian Thanksgiving this year. True to form, the comedian announced the news in a funny Twitter post:

But when one of his followers asked if he was really forgoing turkey, Horatio left no doubt about it:

It’s a Tofurky for Don Imus and his family, too. When PETA pal Mary Matalin phoned in to Imus in the Morning to chat with the host, Don bragged about his Thanksgiving fare, saying, “[N]ow they’ve made so many improvements in the organic vegan stuff that, man, it’s great.”

One of the directors of Finding Nemo, Lee Unkrich, has realized that fish are friends, not food:

Al Roker’s morning weather show, Wake Up With Al,  might seem like an unlikely place to see promotions for animal-friendly fashion, but when Al and co-host Stephanie Abrams did a segment on winter coats, they made sure to point out that all the fur was faux and completely animal-friendly.

And speaking of unlikely, Kanye West reportedly enjoyed vegan food backstage at the Washington, D.C., stop of his tour. Kanye’s manager is vegan and hired Woodlands Vegan Bistro to cater. The bistro Instagrammed a picture of the rapper chowing down on its food:

Woodland's Vegan Bistro serving Kanye West the best vegan meal of his life lol. BBQ Tofu, Buffalo/BBQ/Fried Drummies, Mac & Cheese, Collard a Greens, Potato Salad, Sweet Kale Salad & Sweet Potato Tarts. #GoVegan #YeezusTour

TLC’s Chilli hopped on Instagram, too, to post the animalistic new anti-circus ad that she shot for PETA:

Not cool what they do to the animals jus to entertain us. #peta BTW it took me an hr to get all that body paint off

And after PETA tweeted congrats to Ariana Grande for her American Music Awards win, the newly minted vegan returned the love:

Diane Warren summed up everyone’s feelings on Melissa Bachman:

Alan Cumming got excited about seeing his face on PETA’s vegetarian stamp series:

New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker said what every vegan has thought at least once:

And Jason Biggs had one of the best responses that we’ve seen to the fact that SeaWorld’s float is being allowed in Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade:

To keep up with what all your favorite stars are doing for animals, follow @PETA on Twitter.

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  • Libby says:

    This blog posts leaves little doubt that eating vegan is easy, main stream and delicious! It makes me happy to see so many celebrities acting as compassionate role models to their fans! Many thanks to all!