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8 Vegetarians Who Might Surprise You

Written by Amy Skylark Elizabeth | October 25, 2012

Taken aback by the revelation that Ozzy Osbourne is dabbling with a vegan diet? Keep reading. The following list of famous vegetarians from the past and present is filled with more surprises than a paternity test on Maury:

1. Steve Martin

As a comedian, actor, author, and musician, Steve Martin has a lot on his plate. But one thing you won’t find on this “wild and crazy guy’s” plate is meat. Which, of course, is the secret to having happy feet.



2. Susan B. Anthony

A pioneering feminist and suffragist who supported the 19th century animal welfare movement, Susan B. Anthony toasted both vegetarianism and women’s rights at a banquet held by the first American Vegetarian Society. Anthony was also the first woman and only vegetarian to be immortalized on American currency.

3. Vincent Kartheiser 

For the love of Pete (Campbell), we wish that everyone would follow in the low-carbon footsteps of Mad Men‘s Vincent Kartheiser and ditch meat to help the environment.

vagueonthehow |cc by 2.0

4. Michael Imperioli

It’s not only mad men who shun meat—wise guys fuhgeddabout flesh too. When asked about his favorite restaurant in Detroit, where he was filming a TV show, former Sopranos star Michael Imperioli named veggie hotspot Inn Season Café. “I’m a vegetarian, so [it’s] like culinary nirvana for me.”


5.  Fred Rogers

Fred Rogers was the man. Not only did the devout vegetarian teach kids about the joys of soy on Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood, he also took Burger King to task for parodying him in a commercial. After he criticized the ads for being “very confusing for children,” Burger King apologized and pulled the commercial. Can you say “coolest neighbor ever”? I knew you could.

Paul Lowry |cc by 2.0

6. Rosa Parks

Rosa Parks was the woman. The civil rights leader, whose refusal to give up her bus seat to a white passenger ignited the end of segregation, advocated vegetarianism. Active in promoting peace and justice well into her 80s, Parks credited her vegetarian diet with helping her to maintain her health and stamina. 

7. Harvey Levin

We hate to gossip, but a little bird who likes to tweet told us that Harvey Levin, the executive producer and host of hot celebrity gossip news show TMZon TV is a vegetarian!

Greg Hernandez|cc by 2.0

8.  Vanilla Ice

 And finally … stop, collaborate, and listen. Vanilla Ice is back with healthy intentions. High cholesterol grabbed a hold of him tightly. Now he feasts on veggies daily and nightly. Word to your mother (and to anyone who hasn’t gone vegan yet).


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  • Tanya says:

    PETA is an AWESOME organization. Thank you for all that you do to advocate for the wellbeing of our beautiful animal-life. Please keep appealing to man’s conscience.

  • mariam says:

    Vegan is the only way to be consciously committed to our entire planet well being but also to all living creatures and their life conditions. The dairy and egg farming industry is atrocious towards living creatures.

  • crazy about dogs says:

    I might have been seven or eight when I ate meat for the last time. I regret eating meat even as a kid. But whats done is done. 25 years of vegetarian, mostly vegan diet! I eat junk food, when ever i feel like. Have coke and chips for breakfast, work till midnight, get up late. Not a very health lifestyle uh… But believe me I am healthy as a horse, I am slim, have more energy, what more can you ask for!!! 🙂 – Love being vegetarian.

  • lotoole says:

    I am 62 yrs. old. Most of my friends have high cholesterol, diabetes, cancer, and a host of serious health problems. I don’t have those problems. Think it’s a coincidence that I’m vegetarian?

  • Anabanana says:

    It’s been 2 and a half years since I became vegetarian and I have never felt as coherent with the way I think, speak and act about animals as I do now. It all makes sence once you decide to change for a love-base diet. Not only is the animal rights issue, is also the environmental impact and the fact that this is our only home: Planet Earth, and humans must respectr Mother Nature in order to keep existing. I call this stopping from being selfish 🙂

  • rajiv says:

    animals have full right to live on this planet as it is not of humans only.dont base life on killing of animals.

  • David Wachsman says:

    Vegcon pronounced veegcon means VEGetarian CONscious. Vegconism is the “Conscious Choice” by “Changing Hearts to Changed Minds” I am a vegcon not a vegan

  • animal lovers says:

    Well ari will be pleased that some people she looks up to are vegetarians. This ought to help her and me stay on our veggie diet. Even though our school has literally no vegan or vegetarian options.

  • Khushi says:

    I am also vegeterian and had never eaten egg or any kind of meat. Had not even tasted .