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Make a Difference for Animals in Five Minutes or Less!

At Home

Don’t want to leave your armchair? No problem!

1. Write to the producer of any program in which characters abuse or ridicule animals and dash off a letter to the TV network that airs the show as well.

2. Pen a brief, pointed letter to the editor of a newspaper that runs an ad for a fur sale.

3. Call the sponsors of upcoming entertainment events that use animals, such as circuses and rodeos. (Look for ads in your local paper.)

4. Include a PETA leaflet with every bill you pay and place an animal rights sticker on the outside of the envelope.

5. Ask your child’s teacher to stop keeping animals in the classroom or requiring students to dissect animals.

6. Include an animal rights quote or a Web link to a video in your e-mail signature.

In the Community

1. Buy animal rights books to donate to your local library. Visit to purchase select books for your library at a 20 percent discount. Most library book donations are tax-deductible. Check with your library to find out more.

2. Wearing clothes and buttons with pro-animal statements is a great way to be an advocate for animals who are exploited on factory farms.

3. Post PETA literature on bulletin boards. (It’s free!)

4. Offer to show videos, sponsor speakers, and host seminars.

5. Take vegan meals (and the recipes!) to functions.

6. Speak up! When people ask you why you don’t eat animals, don’t just call it a “personal choice.” Instead, paint a vivid picture of cruelty and explain how easy it is to go vegetarian or vegan!

7. Show your hairdresser some of the many great beauty products that aren’t tested on animals.

8. Ask for more vegan options at local restaurants and grocery stores.

9. Lend animal rights books to your friends and place them in the library of your condo, retirement home, town, school, or place of worship.

10. Suggest an animal rights book such as Dominion by Matthew Scully or Good News for All Creation by Stephen Kaufman and Nathan Braun for your next book club meeting or Sunday school study group.