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Urge Ringling Bros. to Pull ALL ANIMALS off the Road and Send Them to True Sanctuaries!

Ringling tiger

Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus has officially ended its elephant acts. This is exciting news, but these elephants have been shipped to Ringling's breeding farm in Florida, the so-called "Center for Elephant Conservation" (CEC), where they will still be threatened with bullhooks, kept in shackles, bred, and used as test subjects. And that's to say nothing of the tigers, horses, camels, and other animals Ringling will continue to abuse unless we ACT NOW!

Conditions at Ringling's breeding compound are nearly as bad as they are on the road. According to the sworn testimony of the head of the CEC, elephants at the facility are chained on concrete for most of the day—and sometimes for weeks on end. That includes pregnant mothers, who are kept in chains while giving birth. Inspectors have found baby elephants at the CEC with chain wounds on their legs, and the facility's records show that most of the elephants there have foot or leg problems related to intensive confinement. In addition, the facility is a hotbed of tuberculosis and has been under quarantine for years.

Other animals carted around by Ringling continue to be transported in cramped boxcars, exposed to the stressors of travel, trained like this, and forced to perform ridiculous tricks through fear, punishment, and pain.

Please speak up TODAY by signing this petition and urging Ringling to end all animal acts immediately and to retire the animals to accredited sanctuaries, where they can truly be free of painful bullhooks and whips—and have some semblance of a natural life after years of mistreatment and deprivation.

Please follow up by tweeting at Nicole Feld (@NicoleFeld)—executive vice president of Feld Entertainment, Ringling's parent company—and urging her to use her position of authority to take all the animals off the road and send them to true sanctuaries.

Please End All Animal Acts and Send the Animals to Accredited Sanctuaries
I am thrilled that Ringling Bros. has finally ended its elephant acts and that these wondrous animals will no longer be carted around from city to city. Although this is a great step in the right direction, as someone who cares deeply about the welfare of animals, I urge you to take all animals off the road now and send them--including the now-retired elephants--to true accredited sanctuaries. They need space to roam without restraints, and they need care and rest to heal their ailing bodies. The nation's eye is on you once again, and even after the elephants' last show, you are still under scrutiny for the conditions at the Center for Elephant Conservation. Now is the time to listen to the public outcry and stop forcing magnificent, sentient beings to perform ridiculous tricks and instead give them respite as well as some semblance of a natural life. Please end all animal acts now.
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