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UPDATE: Conway, N.C., Officials Give Neglected Pit Bulls Diamond and Ace Doghouses and Bedding

Thanks to the calls and letters of hundreds of people who contacted Conway, N.C., Mayor Brian Bolton, neglected, chained pit bulls Diamond and Ace have received doghouses and dry bedding. For more information, please visit the town of Conway’s Facebook page.

For at least six weeks, Diamond and Ace were forced by their owner to endure this year’s record-breaking winter weather with only broken plastic crates for “shelter.” PETA had implored town officials and police to intervene in the dogs’ behalf but without any effective response.

PETA will continue to work with the town of Conway to monitor Diamond and Ace and to create and implement laws that protect animals and set forth minimum standards of care. Thank you all for calling and writing. Please stay active and check our alerts so that you can speak up for other animals in need!