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Speak Out for Sled Dogs Chained Without Shelter!

For years, the conditions for Brian Ladoon’s sled dogs in Churchill, Manitoba, have caused outrage among residents and tourists alike. Dozens of dogs are kept chained in extremely cold, windy conditions without any shelter. Reports that dogs are periodically mauled by polar bears and wolves have made it all the worse. Photos provided to PETA can be viewed here.

Manitoba’s Animal Care Act requires an owner to “provide … reasonable protection from injurious heat or cold.” Although the Chief Veterinary Office of the Manitoba Agriculture, Food, and Rural Initiatives reportedly inspected Ladoon’s dogs in the fall of 2010 and recommended that Ladoon provide doghouses and bedding, these animals are suffering through yet another frigid winter without these necessities.

Please politely urge the CVO to act in behalf of Ladoon’s dogs immediately:

Dr. Wayne Lees, Chief Veterinary Officer
Dr. Terry Whiting, Manager, Animal Health and Welfare
Office of the Chief Veterinarian
Manitoba Agriculture, Food, and Rural Initiatives
204-945-4327 (fax)
[email protected]

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