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Speak Out Against Animal Giveaways at Lake Elsinore’s Winterfest!


Experts agree that fish are complex, sentient beings, and they deserve better than to be doled out as trinkets. However, on December 6 at the Winterfest in Lake Elsinore, California, the Mountainside Ministries booth reportedly did just that! When kept in captivity, these animals require a sizable amount of water, climate control and filtration, regular aquarium maintenance, and ample enrichment. Most recipients of these living, feeling “prizes” are hardly prepared for such commitment, and the animals suffer as a result. One Winterfest attendee even reports watching in horror as children ran about, violently shaking the bags containing the fish, hurling them at each other, and laughing as they exploded on the ground. PETA contacted Mountainside Ministries and asked that it forgo animal giveaways in the future, but to no apparent avail. These animals need your help now!

Please urge Mountainside Ministries to implement a policy against animal giveaways—then forward this alert far and wide!

Please call or send polite comments to:

David Kincer
Senior Pastor, Mountainside Ministries