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Tell the USDA to Shut Down Cruel Meat Animal Research Center!

Urge the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) to stop these cruel experiments on farmed animals immediately!

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Ask Newport Beach Community to Stop Poisoning Wildlife!

Urge North Bluff Bay View officials to scrap any plans to set out poison in a misguided attempt to control wildlife.

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Urge Oak Bay Officials to Halt Deer Massacre!

Please politely urge Oak Bay officials to halt this cruel initiative!

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Urgent: Speak Up for Captive Turtle and Fish in Illinois!

Urge officials to provide these animals with a living environment that has more space so that they can swim freely!

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Urge Hotel Chain to End Fish Rentals

Please politely urge the Kimpton Hotel & Restaurant Group to end the fish rental program.

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Demand Justice for Florida Pigs Tortured in Traps!

Please urge Charlotte County officials to take immediate action to ensure justice for Florida pigs tortured in traps!

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Implore Perrysburg High School to End Cruel Tradition!

Please urge school administrators at Perrysburg High School and Colby College to put a permanent end to goldfish swallowing events!

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URGENT: Help Stop Torture of Bulls at Festival in Mexico! ©

URGENT: Help Stop Torture of Bulls at Festival in Mexico!

Please urge city and state officials to leave bulls out of this festival.

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Ask Alberta Wildlife Officials to Ban Killing Contests!

Please urge AESRD officials to ban wildlife hunting contests!

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Speak Out Against Goldfish Giveaways!

Please join PETA in urging Wade Shows, Inc., to implement a policy against ALL animal giveaways.

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Help Us Stop Zimbabwe’s Planned Export of Captured Baby Elephants! ©

Help Us Stop Zimbabwe’s Planned Export of Captured Baby Elephants!

Please join PETA in urging the CITES Secretariat to do everything in its power to stop the additional capture of innocent elephants and to ensure that the 35 who …

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Urge Congress to Take Action for Baby Monkeys

Please urge your members of Congress to join their colleagues and take steps to end NIH’s cruel experiments.

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Taiwan Raid: Police Bust Pigeon Racers

Young birds are shipped out to sea, released in the middle of the ocean, and forced to fly back home. Often less than 1 percent of birds survive.

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Ask Animal Planet to Take Cruel Hunter Jim West off the Air

Urge the animal-focused network to cancel the show, which features a self-promoting, animal-killing gun shop owner who is facing jail time!

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Pledge to Go Vegan for 2015! © Susan Riley Photography

Pledge to Go Vegan for 2015!

Looking to make a small change that will have a big impact in the new year? Look no further than our vegan pledge for 2015!

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