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Urge Maryland Community Pool to End Cruel Tradition!

Please urge Chartridge Community Association to end this barbaric tradition!

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Speak Out Against ‘Pig Wrestling’ in Indiana!

Please urge fair officials in the counties of Fayette, Harrison, Whitley, and Decatur to cancel the planned “pig wrestling” events.

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People Who Claim to Care About Horses Have Sold Them Out—Act Today!

Some groups that should care about horses used for racing are instead introducing legislation that won’t give these animals enough protection. You can help by asking your senators and …

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Urge the Dubai Government to Keep SeaWorld Out!

Please urge the government of Dubai not to allow SeaWorld to taint its reputation by allowing this hideous company, condemned around the world, to set up shop.

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Exposed: Crocodiles and Alligators Factory-Farmed for Hermès ‘Luxury’ Goods ITN Source/Reuters 2009

Exposed: Crocodiles and Alligators Factory-Farmed for Hermès ‘Luxury’ Goods

Our investigator saw workers botch the slaughter of alligators. Some animals were still conscious, flailing and kicking, even minutes after workers tried to kill them.

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URGENT: Dawson County, Montana, Poisoning Birds!

Speak up for birds! Please urge Dawson County officials to remove all Avitrol immediately.

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UPDATE: Deer at Flooded Game Ranch Now on Dry Land!

Thanks to everyone who responded to this alert and to all the agencies involved for their decisive action!

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Speak Out Against ‘Pig Wrestling’ at Wyoming State Fair!

Please urge Wyoming State Fair officials to cancel the planned “pig wrestling” events, and then forward this alert widely!

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Update: Students Dance With Cat Corpses: Tell Oklahoma School to Stop Dissection!

The school announced that it is suspending its cat dissection program!

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Help Minimize Agonizing Chemical Tests on Animals! © Doctors Against Animal Experiments

Help Minimize Agonizing Chemical Tests on Animals!

Please send a polite e-mail to your senator to ensure that the final wording of S. 697 maintains all the current animal-protection language.

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HELP NOW: Pain, Fear, Death for Monkeys at Filthy Florida Warehouse

Every year, thousands of monkeys are shipped to the U.S. to be tormented in labs. A PETA exposé finds severe stress and death for those who arrive at a …

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Support Banning Medieval Traps on Wildlife Refuges!

Please urge your state legislators to support H.R. 2016/S. 1081 and to keep national wildlife refuges safe havens for animals.

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Proposed Law Likely to Mean Tests on Animals for Cosmetics Ingredients in U.S.!

Please contact your legislators today and urge them refuse to support the Personal Care Products Act unless an explicit ban on animal tests is included.

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USDA Still Failing Birds After 13 Years ©

USDA Still Failing Birds After 13 Years

Please urge your members of Congress to tell the USDA that enough is enough—the AWA must be applied to birds now!

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Help the World’s Loneliest Orca

Nearly half a century ago, Lolita was taken from her family in the wild. Add your name to the list of people who want to see Lolita freed!

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