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RZA Vegan Interview: Do Good Today for ‘A Better Tomorrow’

Wu-Tang’s RZA chooses to leave animals off his plate, knowing that going vegan makes for “a better tomorrow.”

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Taiwan Raid: Police Bust Pigeon Racers

Young birds are shipped out to sea, released in the middle of the ocean, and forced to fly back home. Often less than 1 percent of birds survive.

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Pledge to Be Fur-Free Like Stevie Johnson of the 49ers!

The San Francisco 49ers’ Stevie Johnson joins an all-star lineup in PETA’s latest “Ink, Not Mink” ad.

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Camels, Llamas, and Sheep in New York City?

Urge executives to close the curtain on exploiting animals on stage and in the chaotic streets of New York City!

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Urge BCBG Max Azria to Ditch Angora and Fur

Please take a few moments to urge BCBG to join Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, and dozens of other companies that have all banned fur and angora.

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Urge Macy’s to Cancel SeaWorld’s Float in the Thanksgiving Day Parade

Take a moment to contact the company’s CEO and parade producer and urge them to cancel plans for a SeaWorld float in the parade.

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Urge Texas Renaissance Festival to Stop Cruel Elephant Rides TODAY

Speak up TODAY for these mistreated elephants.

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VICTORY for Nosey in Texas!

Nosey was spared a week of exhausting and painful circus performances!

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Tell Del Mar Racing Officials to Release Vet Records of Deceased Horses

Numerous horses died this year at the Del Mar racetrack. Tell officials that the public wants to know if drugs were involved!

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The World Vegan Month Video You Need to See

A baby was stolen from his mother. It turned out to be just a bad dream, but what really happens is a nightmare.

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Speak Out Against Animal Giveaways!

Please join PETA in urging Miller Spectacular Shows to implement a policy against live-animal giveaways, then forward this alert widely!

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Urge Nepal to End Gadhimai Animal Massacre © Animal Welfare Network Nepal (AWNN)

Urge Nepal to End Gadhimai Animal Massacre

Urge the prime minister and the president of Nepal to stop the barbaric slaughter of animals at this November’s Gadhimai festival.

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Tell AAA to Stop Promoting SeaWorld!

Please ask AAA to do the right thing and stop promoting SeaWorld!

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Urge Georgia Community to Cancel Bowhunt!

Please urge community officials to scrap their bowhunting plans in favor of humane control methods!

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Speak Out Against Goldfish Giveaways at UNC Charlotte!

Please urge UNC Charlotte’s Campus Activities Board to the end Fishy Friends event!

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