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VICTORY for Nosey in Oklahoma!

Nosey’s appearance with a circus in Oklahoma City has been canceled!

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Sea Lions in Georgia? Help!

Sea Lion Splash confines wild animals to cramped pools and denies them everything that is natural and important to them. Sea lions need your voice TODAY!

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Urge Seal Beach, California, Officials to Stop Killing Coyotes!

Please urge Seal Beach officials to halt the trapping initiative!

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Urge Chattanooga Area Officials to Halt Bowhunts!

Please urge Chattanooga officials to cancel all scheduled bowhunts!

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Big Cats in Las Vegas Need Your Help!

Please urge Riviera management to cancel Arthur’s “Wild Illusions” show, which is scheduled to open in December.

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Tell St. Thomas Episcopal Church to Cancel Its Cruel Lobster Boil

Please contact Lobsterfest organizers and urge them to replace the lobster boil with an animal-friendly fundraiser!

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HELP NOW: Sheep Killed, Punched, Stomped on, and Cut for Wool

Investigators in Australia and the U.S. found that shearers killed, beat, kicked, and threw terrified sheep.

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URGENT: Bulls Tortured by Fire in Sadistic Spanish Festival! ©

URGENT: Bulls Tortured by Fire in Sadistic Spanish Festival!

Please urge Soria officials to ban this sadistic, archaic event!

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USDA Remains Unresponsive, Uninformed About Nosey! Demand Accountability

Demand that the USDA confiscate Nosey, send her to a reputable sanctuary, and revoke Hugo Liebel’s exhibitor’s license!

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Urge Lake Metroparks to Ditch Bowhunting!

Please urge Lake Metroparks officials to cancel all scheduled bowhunts!

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Who Cares About Mice and Rats?

Tell your congresspeople to care about mice and rats!

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Urgent: Speak Out Against Animal Giveaways! © Image Source Limited

Urgent: Speak Out Against Animal Giveaways!

Please join PETA in urging Fun Time Shows to implement a policy against all animal giveaways!

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Urge Richard Branson and Virgin to Stop Promoting SeaWorld

It’s time for Virgin Group to hear from you about why promoting SeaWorld doesn’t fly.

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Charges Filed After Investigation Reveals Torture of Pigs

Urge Smithfield Foods to demand that Murphy Family Ventures fire all the workers responsible for horrific cruelty to pigs.

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New York Apartments Reportedly Using Glue Traps—Again!

Please urge Page Apartments to end its use of glue traps!

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