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Self-Styled Veterinarian in Indiana Is Charged With Cruelty to Animals

April 2002

Indiana residents contacted us after learning of a horrible case of animal abuse in which the owner of several dogs hired a man, who claimed to be licensed, to cut the ears of the dogs in a “fighting crop.” The man was not licensed, and he bound the dogs’ legs and mouths and cut off their ears with kitchen scissors.

When animal control seized the dogs two days later, they had received no veterinary care and were still covered with blood. Even though the owner was cited for neglect and there were allegations of dogfighting, there was nevertheless a chance that the dogs would be returned.

After PETA called the prosecutor and wrote to the county attorney, the animal control officers were given permanent custody of the dogs, who were placed in loving, permanent homes. The man who cut their ears was charged with practicing veterinary medicine without a license and with cruelty to animals.