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Florida Grocery Chain Vows Not to Host Cruel Traveling “Zoo”

July 2002

When we heard that the notoriously cruel traveling animal display, The Zoo, had set up in the parking lot of a Tampa, Florida, Kash n’ Karry, we immediately wrote to the store’s manager, providing information about the outfit’s long history of animal abuse and neglect. We also wrote to Kash n’ Karry’s chief operating officer, asking that the chain agree not to contract with The Zoo for future promotions.

We quickly heard back from the CEO, who thanked us for the important information that we had provided and let us know that none of Kash n’ Karry’s locations would be contracting with The Zoo ever again. Kash n’ Karry is one of many independent and chain stores that, after hearing from PETA, have agreed not to associate their name with this display.