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What’s wrong with Iams?

The Iams pet-food company pays contract laboratories to conduct cruel nutritional tests on animals for research and product development. For nearly 10 months, PETA conducted an undercover investigation in an Iams contract laboratory. What PETA’s investigator witnessed and was able to capture on hidden camera would outrage any caring individual: dogs gone crazy from confinement to barren steel and cement cells, dogs with their vocal chords severed and part of their leg muscles hacked out, dogs who were sweltering in scorching heat and shivering in bitter cold, horribly sick dogs and cats languishing in their cages, neglected and left to suffer with no veterinary care.

PETA encourages people with animal companions to boycott Iams products until the company stops hiring contract laboratories to conduct nutritional studies. More than 30 companies—many of which offer vegetarian dog and cat food—such as Harbingers of a New Age, Natural Life Pet Products, Inc., Petguard, Veterinary Nutritional Formula, and Wysong Professional Diets, conduct humane in-home testing or laboratory analysis of foods instead of animal experiments. More information and a complete list of forward-thinking companies that do not conduct cruel tests on animals in laboratories can be found here.

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