‘Pets Ahoy’ and ‘Pets Rule!’ Shows Mean Even More Cruelty at SeaWorld

Exhibitor Joel Slaven has a long history of violating the Animal Welfare Act, including at all three SeaWorld facilities.

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Join Us In Celebrating World Elephant Day!

This World Elephant Day, we’re honoring the elephants who have found freedom and fighting for those who have not.

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Universal Disdain and Outrage at UniverSoul Circus

Even though it seems obvious that she’s in pain, the UniverSoul Circus apparently forced a lame elephant to perform.

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PETA to Place Anti-Crating Ad After Child Locked in a Cage in Wyoming © iStock.com/Steve Goodwin

PETA to Place Anti-Crating Ad After Child Locked in a Cage in Wyoming

With a couple facing charges for caging a child, PETA plans to place a billboard reminding people that no one—child or dog—belongs in a crate.

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Will SeaWorld Call It Quits? Stock Hits All-Time Low

A recent stock report showed that shares had dropped by another 2.19 percent, bringing the price to $26.83, the lowest that it has ever been.

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Wild-Caught Orca Dies a Long Way From Home © Free Morgan Foundation

Wild-Caught Orca Dies a Long Way From Home

After suffering from an inflammation in his lungs, Bingo, a male orca, died this week.

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Heart Attack Grill’s Appearance on Showtime Series Prompts PETA Ad

The new series 7 Deadly Sins featured the Heart Attack Grill and prompted PETA to place an ad to remind people that eating meat stops a beating heart.

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