Liberate Animals Resolution Bracelet

Be part of the revolution: Make a resolution to help animals—not just for the new year but all year-round.

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4 Times PETA Shut It Down in 2014

What do you do when companies refuse to listen and continue supporting and engaging in acts of cruelty to animals?

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Animal Rights Isn't Just a Philosophy

The basic principle of equality does not require equal or identical treatment; it requires equal consideration. Where do you stand?

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See the Faces Behind Your Donations

The lives of these animals were forever changed for the better, thanks to your support.

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22 Heartbreaking Photos From Pigs’ Journey to Slaughter Anita Krajnc | Toronto Pig Save

22 Heartbreaking Photos From Pigs’ Journey to Slaughter

What if you had to look into this pig’s eyes before eating your holiday ham?

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PETA’s Most Shocking Investigations of 2014―and How Things Have Changed

Our investigations were often hard to watch, but we know that when people are shocked by what they see, they’ll be motivated to act. And they did.

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NFL's Brandon Flowers Wears Only Ink—and a Smile!

Check out PETA's latest anti-fur ad and exclusive interview with San Diego Chargers defensive back Brandon Flowers.

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Saved! A Happy Holiday for Two Turkeys After Tasteless Radio Poll

Two turkeys’ fates hung in the balance after an Oxford radio station asked listeners to vote on whether to “keep it” or “cook it.”

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Ariana Grande, Jessica Chastain, Cory Booker: Rescued Chickens Who Paint

Ariana Grande, Jessica Chastain, and Cory Booker are getting a holiday gift that likely no one else in the world will have: original chicken artwork

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SeaWorld’s CEO Is ‘Stepping Down’ as the Company Announces Layoffs ©
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Victory! Experimenters Can Run, but Judge Says They Can’t Hide

It’s no surprise that people who abuse animals for a living want to be invisible. But right has triumphed again.

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New York Mayor Bill de Blasio Named PETA’s Person of the Year Credit: Rob Bennett/Mayoral Photography Office

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio Named PETA’s Person of the Year

PETA caps New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio’s first year in office by bestowing on him our biggest honor.

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PETA in Action

  • Pookie the Chihuahua was chained outside because of his former owner's allergies until PETA and an activist got involved. They worked to find him a loving forever home, where he now lives happily indoors.
  • PETA fieldworkers rescued Henry, who was abused in the horse-racing industry, and Caroline, a neglected and malnourished horse, and now they'll spend the rest of their days roaming lush pastures together.
  • A Virginia event host made the compassionate decision to ditch the annual goldfish-eating contest after hearing our concerns.
  • PETA rescued a dozen pigs, including seven piglets, from a dilapidated pen in a trailer park in North Carolina.
  • PETA persuaded a well-meaning citizen to let a volunteer take this squirrel, named Leila, to a wildlife rehabilitation center so that she could be reintroduced into the wild.
  • PETA persuaded officials at an elementary school in Hawaii to make the humane choice to end their more-than-a-decade-old practice of using koi fish as contest prizes in their annual fundraiser.
  • This duckling was found in a Florida resident's driveway and was rushed to rehab with PETA’s help.
  • After ducklings were caught in drain pipes in an Ohio apartment complex, PETA worked with concerned residents to rescue them and convince the owners to retrofit the pipes to protect wildlife.
  • Just minutes before a demonstration was scheduled to start at California State University–Long Beach (CSULB), school administrators confirmed that they were cutting ties with SeaWorld and ending all ticket sales and promotions.
  • A kind woman called PETA to help get this stray dog, now named Maggie, off the street. Now Maggie has a loving, permanent home with the woman and will never spend another night alone on the dangerous streets.
  • This fence—installed around the perimeter of a housing community on a migratory deer path in Nevada—will never impale another deer again, thanks to help from PETA.
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